A Little Distress


One fine, cold morning wearing my bf Gap 1969 jeans. These were among the very first batch of bf jeans I bought 2 years ago after a decade of not wearing any denim at all. They get the least amount of wear due to the distress details – I have to be certain I’m only running home errands and/or only with children. But I should wear them more because they fit so well. Continue reading

Closet Audit 2014: Chanel Revisited

CC14When you have been *ahem* collecting clothes and accessories for a long time and hung on to them over the decades like I have, it’s important to regularly reassess their relevancy – something that I totally failed to do. In the last few years I have stopped using many different brands of bags and focused on Céline, Chanel and Hermès in that order. As my accessories become all important as time goes on, I realised my Chanel bags needed a complete reappraisal. Continue reading

Closet Update: Straight Jeans and Trainers

JEANSTRAINERS3Jack Frost visited alright! It was ice cold but dry which makes a little difference in that I can bear to stand outside for photos without shivering uncontrollably. Continue reading

Ode to Clarks Shoemaker

Clarks have been making shoes since 1825 and my family have been customers for several decades. My parents bought their footwear exclusively from them – you know those men’s wide strap sandals – yep, my father’s favourite style. For me, it was a ritual to start every school term with getting my feet measured followed by new shoes. I still have a polaroid they took in store of us when my youngest who was a very early walker got her first pair of shoes. My Boy has the widest feet and most everything in other shoe shops are simply too narrow for him except the canvas skater styles. If I can find leather versions for him, I know he’d happily wear them forever. My Tween is just coming to the tricky stage of wanting more fashionable styles yet with the same comfort she’s been used to all her life. We’ll have to see how that pans out.–VELVETBOWSMy girls were not happy at all their sizes in this style sold out already. It’s purple leather with a purple velvet bow. I wasn’t expecting such lusciousness this side of Christmas! They even came wrapped up so nicely with an extra layer of tissue to protect the bows. I’d better start stalking the shops and online for fear of a mutiny! Continue reading

Closet Update: New Length

NEWLENGTHThis is it, the new skirt for this season that I bought since early Summer and couldn’t wait to wear. It’s by Ralph Lauren in pure cashmere. The colour is black but the grey stripes lighten it up. Continue reading