Spring Navy

NAVYSTUDSAll things navy have a special place in my wardrobe. I usually wear it with orange for a bright accent or other neutrals ie black, grey and beige. In Spring and Summer, navy and white always looks fresh to me. This is the new version of the rayon tee by Gap Petite with old Zara slim pants also here, vintage Gucci belt, vintage necklace, vintage Céline bag (more details here) and burgundy Giacomorelli pointy toe flats. These flats are the perfect update for the pants and a lot more besides. NAVYSTUDS2The stripey Banana Republic knit jacket fits very well and is really easy to wear and the bag is such a useful size not to mention the perfect shoulder carry length for me. I know the trend is for smaller lady like bags but some are so tiny you can barely fit anything in there – what is the point?! I do have a minimum size requirement below which I simply don’t bother no matter the brand or price.

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Review: Linen Shirts

KSPORT3 Recently, I went looking for a linen shirt or blouse. I had a white linen shirt decades ago and wore it so much it frayed and tore. It was incredibly useful and it’s time to find a replacement. I started off in TK Maxx with a navy collarless style, it wasn’t linen – rayon – but it had the same kind of floppiness I like. Huge.KSPORT4This is linen and felt very lovely, however, it was a size too big and the front panel was so badly sewn I couldn’t overlook it! Continue reading

Spring Basics: 3 x Pencil Skirts


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We’re enjoying the last bit of time before normal chaos routine starts next week :-) I love wearing skirts all the year round and recently Jill of Everything Just So and Adrienne of A Rich Life (on a budget) featured skirts on their fantastic ‘How I Wear My..’ series.

So this is my first pencil skirt outfit of the holidays. The nautical knit jacket is Banana Republic from a year ago here and the grey wool skirt is also BR from 2 years before that so you know I’m still mixing.PENCILWith the navy version of the little vintage lambswool jumper by M&S (camel colour here), white Rag & Bone brogues and vintage bamboo handle croco bag.DGPENCILSecond outfit with the floral pattern D&G – this is the only item of the brand I own and the fit is very nice indeed. On this occasion dressed down with a camel cotton jumper by H&M Men and Cobra Society slippers. Continue reading

Spring: Grey Flannel, Cable and Brogues

Happy Good Friday and Easter to All!GREYFLANNELWHITE3Chilly Spring means I get to wear the grey flannels for longer, this time with the Gap Girl’s cable jumper, Rag & Bone brogues, vintage Céline necklace, vintage Gucci belt and Hermès Kelly in black box leather. Continue reading

Spring: Tricolour

TRICOLORCROPI brought out an old Jaeger dress in navy jersey also here, and in the morning sunshine, there was still a bite to the wind so had to make sure my feet were warm. The dress is almost 4 years old but because it’s a classic shape, I know it will update with my brogues and pointy toe flats, though not sure about the ankle boots – will have to try! TRICOLOR3Windy enough to shake my camera – sorry! Red cotton cardigan is Zara Girls, vintage Céline necklace and belt, Rag & Bone brogues and Hermès Kelly 28 in black box leather.

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Another New Year: Camel, Khaki and Beige – Day and Night

LADYFirstly, if you are of or in a Theravadin country, may I wish you a very Happy Buddhist New Year (yesterday)! We’re a multifaith family and this is the 3rd ‘New Year’ to be celebrated so far …. one more to go before the end of 2014 :-) For us it’s pretty low key involving a special meal offered to our ancestors followed by prayers for health and happiness.

I feel lady like and comfortable in this look today :-) An old Jaeger skirt (I have the same in navy) also here and here with an even older, vintage M&S short sleeve lambswool jumper from the 90′s. Normally I never buy lambswool but as it’s by M&S, I was completely confident and I was right over 20 years later! Continue reading

Spring: Rouge H

ROUGEHSPRING2 This is a favourite silhouette – a much loved skirt and so versatile – really love wearing it with the cable jumper. I only managed to get the right lower waist/upper hip length by buying from the kids’ department (Gap).ROUGEHSPRING3I do feel the cold so this is just right without a coat – just slip on the shoes, pick up the bag and go! Continue reading