Better Late Than Never: Printed Pants

Oh I’ve admired this trend from afar for at least a couple of years – an age in fashion terms! In fact it’s no longer a *trend* :-) But I never found a print in the colours and scale I like until I saw these by French Connection from this post.

FCPANTSI was very surprised since it’s French Connection where I hadn’t shopped for decades and that the print turned out to be an exotic, Oriental type often found on sarongs so it felt instantly familiar and right. I’m very careful with prints in general since the scale and colours most often don’t work for me. Casual version with flats and tee also below. Continue reading

Travel: Plane Easy

AIRPORT2014 Wrecked but we made it to the airport minus a couple of things forgetten in the rush – this is not my usual mode I must point out, however, it was beyond my control and lesson learnt for future preventative measures :-) So the chinos and shirt combination won for long haul travel wear and very comfy it was too. Continue reading

Stripes, Yellow and Grey

YELLOWSTRIPES4I read Sharron’s post on her blog Style At Every Age featuring yellow and grey the other day here and really liked it realising I could do something similar – I love yellow! This is a silk sleeveless blouse by Banana Republic from a couple of years ago also here and here. It feels lovely and has some great classic details such as the mini epaulettes, breast pockets and covered button fastening. I like all these details because it means the item will be a decent quality. The silk is washable too. Continue reading

Check, Blues and Grey


Allowing myself a weekend retreat into the Gap 1969 bf jeans when the weather turned cool again and wet. This knitted blazer by H&M was a great find a few years ago now. It’s really a good quality and fit. I usually find the details of a jacket such as the revers, button closure not to mention shoulder width, sleeve length and overall length all the wrong proportion on me. My eternal quest is for a narrow cut on the shoulders yet an easy fit in the body and short enough in the body not to overwhelm. Difficult. Continue reading


NAVYTRILe quatorze juillet – la fête Nationale! I used to love being in Paris as a young teen in time for this event. It was never often because the school year in UK usually extended to the 3rd week in July. Those carefree times wandering around central Paris, the suburbs, visiting with family, friends and even doing the grocery shopping are such treasured memories for me growing up. I would plan out exactly where I wanted to go according to which exhibitions and other seasonal events were on. Other times would be spent looking in the boutiques, gardens, chateaux and the countryside. Bliss. I hope my own children will have the same opportunities soon. Continue reading

Lilac and Neutrals

LILACDALVY I’m still loving the year’s wardrobe mixing and matching task! This lilac cotton top is vintage by Escada bought many years ago together with a mint colour version and they have both had a lot of use. Skirts are a very important part of my wardrobe all year round particularly in Spring/Summer. This one is by Massimo Dutti from last year also here and here. I’m so pleased to have rediscovered the old sleeveless shirts to go with it now. Continue reading