Closet Audit 2014: What I Learnt + A/W List

This is it, after my mammoth clearing out session (still unfinished) that yielded enough bin bags to create my own small landmass, I have SPACE, EMPTY HANGERS and ROOM to browse inside my closets without fighting against a dead weight on either side. Why, oh why, did I ever let it get like this? Essentially, I dislike clutter – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I guess it all gathered and multiplied in my closets :-) The bulk is done which is the main thing so I can better keep up with maintaining it like this from now on … gotta aim high!

Here’s how Garance Doré did hers Garance: the Edit and Karima of A Note on Style: a Major Purge

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Autumn Double Denim and Black Accessories

NEWLAWI found my denim shirt afterall the searching high (end) and low (end) and everything in between :-). At H&M Boys of course! Here with old Gap 1969 grey bf jeans and short dark blue trench, black leather Mysuelly flats and Hermès Kelly 28 in black box leather. NEWLAW2I had several specific requirements for the denim shirt, slim fit, slim sleeves, light weight denim, right shade of blue and no extra embellishments. This has it all. I like that it looks good buttoned right up plus the real pockets. Continue reading

Loose Woman

LOOSENEUTRALSI’m squeezing out the last of the light cottons before Autumn sets in and having to reach for heavier versions. In fact I needed an outer layer but missed the chance to use the new short trench. Continue reading

Blue All Over

BLUEKELLYJEANS I never used to think I had a favourite colour, always choosing a small selection of neutrals but now I can finally say I do and it’s Blue! Most shades in fact. It’s the colour that flatters and although not the most exciting in the world, it’s a total work horse for me which is most important. I must link to Sharron’s Style At Every Age Holiday Blues post as well here. Continue reading