Blue All Over

BLUEKELLYJEANS I never used to think I had a favourite colour, always choosing a small selection of neutrals but now I can finally say I do and it’s Blue! Most shades in fact. It’s the colour that flatters and although not the most exciting in the world, it’s a total work horse for me which is most important. I must link to Sharron’s Style At Every Age Holiday Blues post as well here. Continue reading

Travel: City Break Packing

CITYLOOKSCOLLAGEI’m going on a short city break in Europe next month and starting the process of packing early by looking back at some outfits that I like, were comfortable and could be appropriate for the season, place and occasion. Continue reading

Shopping List: Reviews and Update

GAPSEPT14COLLAGEI’m taking a moment to reflect on some purchases to fill in long standing gaps and build on recent successes. I love trousers and jeans! Since Gap introduced their Petite range for the UK, I’ve tried my best to restrain myself but couldn’t resist – Petite jeans I don’t need to turn up 5 times – Heaven! The off white pair already worn here will be an alternative to my brilliant white legging jeans and linen mix pants. Good tops are so hard to find and I only needed one more in a dark colour to alternate with 2 pale styles for when a slouchy tee isn’t appropriate. This one is by Gap and in linen, perfect. I was searching for a flirty skirt for the Summer for the last 2 years that was washable and easy to throw on. Gap again in the same linen mix as the trousers here and here. They are exactly what I want! Continue reading