Travel: Last Morning//Airport//Summary – Day 5

CHOCS2The very disappointing buffet breakfast on our last morning added to the regret of the last morning. With the entire morning free we visited the Mall again for some souvenirs and presents. Continue reading

Closet Update: Long Grey Cardigan + Skater/Trainers

LONGCARDIFunny how things evolve and you think change but they don’t really. I haven’t looked at a long cardi much less owned one since the 90’s and that was by accident since they only made them in grungy, worn out or batwing style (the latter a sad left over from the 80’s with the shoulder pads removed). Here’s how two of my favourite bloggers, Sharron at Style At Every Age and Sue of Susie So So showed the way. Continue reading

Closet Audit: Updates and Spring 2015

I feel I’m making better progress this time armed with better research and more tried and tested examples this whole year. Here was my orginal A/W Shopping list:

  • Burgundy leather pointy toe loafers (I have burgundy bags so would work to match)
  • black leather gloves (managed without last year but really need them this Winter)
  • slim, long grey cardi (a veritable gap)
  • slim fit long sleeve white shirt (never bought that linen M&S one!)
  • short pink cashmere jumper (I know I’ll be passing on more of my jumpers to my kids from now on so can add replacements and variety)
  • loose straight leg jeans a là 70’s.

Continue reading

Travel: City Break – Day 3 Hermes//Dinner Part II

halzangreenI had to split Day 3 into 2 because of so many photos. The Hermès Halzan bag that I got to meet later …. The store was on 3 levels, ground held the shawls, scarves and other accessories. The sales ladies were a lot friendlier than I expected! I greeted them as I entered which is very normal politeness of course and began to look around. One approached me to ask if I needed help and as I was interested in the shawls, that’s how our interaction continued. Since the neither the shawls nor scarf I wanted were available, I asked about bags and they directed me to the 3rd floor where there were also the Ladies RTW and Homeware. Continue reading

Travel: City Break – Day 3//Sightseeing//Museum Part I

TRAVELDAY3COUPA whole day of sightseeing! Details of my outfit and essential cross body bag mode. I’m having to split the day into 2 parts due to all the photos. Continue reading