Grey Flannel and Colours

SHAWLFLANNELWEDGEAs my best neutrals are grey, navy and whites, I knew I needed to add colours and only now have the confidence to do it more. I’m also making the effort to remix my old faithfulls and refreshing them where possible. Continue reading

Mannish Classics and Colours

MANNISH14CLOSE Linking to Patti’s blog Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I really like mannish elements balanced with a little femininity. This is a variation of my Winter outfit here, here and for Spring here. Continue reading

More Layers

K32STRAPCANVAS3This is my cosy run around uniform so far: Mango cotton jumper (unseen) layered under the grey version of the Zara Girls’ chunky waffle knit cardi, Gap Men parka, Gap 1969 Real Straight jeans, Toggi Chelsea boots, vintage Kelly and Old England cashmere scarf. Continue reading

Pattern Mix and Layering

KNITS3My modest attempt at pattern mixing with stripes and the Thalassa shawl. It’s not the easiest thing for me at all but I’m happy with the result. I’m also mindful of wearing my older pieces and seeing how they can be updated if possible. Continue reading

Cocoon Coat

COCOONI’m glad this cocoon coat by Cos has stood the test of time from here and here. I love coats so much and think they set the tone for every Autumn/Winter season. The classics will always be worthwhile investments for pulling on without having to think. It’s also nice to see if there are newer shapes, textures and colours around that may also last. Continue reading

Purple Patch

PURPLESI found some very old photos recently that my mother discovered in some corner of her house during one of her infrequent clearing up sessions (these usually turn up yet more books my father loves to hoard). Looking through these photos, I realised just how little – in fact not at all – my tastes have changed over time. Only the interpretation had! And some things were forgotten or completely suppressed. One of the latter is my love for the colour purple and its various shades. When I was a kid, the Caran D’ache pencils immediately used up were the purple and magenta ones. I didn’t follow through in my teen years except for an unfortunate experiment with purple eyeshadow that made me look like I’d been beaten up. It wasn’t until some 30 years later that I started to crave more purple in my life! Continue reading