Leather, Suede and Cashmere

LEATHERCASHMERE3A repeat of the first time I put the the suede boots and leather skirt together here. It’s a very comfortable outfit for me and the puffer coat makes it a bit more casual but I could have worn a pea or a long coat. Continue reading

The Long Road Home

I moved around a bit more than I thought as a child and growing up. They happened after long chunks of time so I didn’t remember them as bad upheaval points in my life. After the usual frenzy of much more frequent and often traumatic moves during the college and early working life years that most of us go through, there was a decade long period of settled domesticity once my kids arrived. When we decided to move, the kids were predictably unhappy to leave the only home they ever knew. In many ways, it was an ideal place for us, comfortable, very spacious, light and airy. But it would never be ours and the changes we invested in over the years to make it seem more ours were the limit so we had to go. The move did not go to plan. We ended up moving twice in 6 months to our current home in 2011. After 2 years I knew we weren’t going to stay and thought again about what we needed as a growing family. Early last year I began to view some houses here.

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Floral Valentine

CABLEFLORALLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #149

I thought for sure my luck finally ran out for finding High Street treasures when I spotted this floral skirt at Oasis a few months ago and HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.

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Check Shirt and Short Trench


The school holidays are upon us this week and I’ve been busy not just with the kids but a big project so haven’t had the chance to prepare anything special for Chinese New Year of the Ram. We’ll be going out to dinner but had wanted to do something at home which is now one more thing to put off for another few weeks …

So mild the day I wore this outfit last week, no need for a scarf even! Very casual weekend wear for me. Continue reading

Greys, Indigo and Brown

CCGREYNAVY5Although I can’t wear true browns and don’t miss that at all, I do really like brown accessories such as my washed caviar Chanel bag especially with indigo and greys. Continue reading

Winter Denim Skirt

DENIMSKIRT2To be honest, I forgot about wearing a denim skirt layered up for Winter – it stuck in my mind as a Spring/Summer item which doesn’t make sense for someone who chooses ‘transeasonal’ clothes where possible or at least considers the potential for such wear. Continue reading