Step Back In Time?

70SDENIMGINGHAMTo my favourite sartorial era, the 70’s! Of course as soon as I chose this outfit, it felt eerily familiar and I’m almost certain my mother wore exactly this combination that long, hot Summer of 1976. Anyone else remember? My 9 year old self wore shorts and a cheesecloth shirt with very fine stripes in the most delicate ice cream colours – I loved that shirt! Continue reading

Closet Additions: Utility Shirt

UTILITYSHIRTI spied this utility style shirt at the end of last year and liked it enough to add to my shirt collection. Sometimes a slighly thicker cotton is just the right weight without having to wear a camisole underneath or layer with a cardigan. Continue reading

Spring Khaki

KHAKIUTILITYLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

Two years ago I realised more green was needed in my wardrobe. I’ve always loved the colour but having such a huge number of variations made it hard to narrow down the actual shades best for me. Continue reading

Spring Pants

SPRINGPANTSCLOSEA variation on the outfit here, this time for a short casual meeting. Another shrunken accessory – Hermès skinny belt. I actually get a lot of wear out my belts. As well as vintage clothes and bags, I’ve amassed too many belts strangely enough. I’m not sure why exactly because my waist has never been my best feature. Continue reading

Indigo Love

SNEAKERSClarks Girl leather sneakers with elastic laces and hidden zip closure – fantastic if one is still learning to put shoes on all by oneself or an unfit, wide footed, middle aged mum! Wearing them with indigo denim – I promise I’ll put away all the jeans and wear other clothes once the weather warms up for good :-) Continue reading