Kids’ Style

I used to plan ahead when buying clothes for my 3 children and store them away. As they are close in age, it worked well for a long time until things got lost with multiple house moves and I found my memory isn’t great anymore so it was time to change ways. Also sales happen every other month so I know I don’t have to pay full price at any given time. I would say the things I spend the most on are always their shoes and coats. When they were very small and grew faster, they needed a new pair of shoes every couple of months at least which amounts to minimum 18 pairs between them a year – not even counting trainers and sandals! Thankfully as their rate of growth slowed down, I can plan their needs better.CORDSJEANS Continue reading

Golden and Navy

YELLOWROSE2Houston – the blooms have planted! Just 3 lots of roses and boy was the digging hard work – I’ll never make a grave digger! But I was determined for them to be in as soon as possible and so far so good, they seem to love their new spot :-) Continue reading

Bleu and Black

KBDPBLACKCLOSEDelighted to link to Happiness at Mid- life for Throwback Thursday Fashion Link Up

I’m still completely distracted by adding shelves indoors and working in the garden but together with the sun over the weekend, my beloved Bleu de Prusse Kelly came out to play! Continue reading