ZING A Sunday lunch en famille on a beautiful warm Spring Day required some zing! I hadn’t planned on the blue and the lime together as the cardigan, denim skirt and wedge heel sandals were bought years apart. I see it as a sign I am finally on the right track to a cohesive and relevant closet. Continue reading


SPRINGThere’s no denying it anymore – I have gained something like 6kg in the last year and it has to go back to wherever it came from! It may not sound like much but I would need to grow taller by at least 60cm to spread that extra weight out:-) Honestly I have never dieted my whole life and I am not about to start now in my 49th year. Well because I am 49 this year, it becomes harder to maintain a stable weight. OK, it’s harder to maintain anything really …. Continue reading


NAILSI used to be a lot more diligent about keeping my nails polished, however, it all fell by the wayside for a very long time until the recent Easter travels when I bought some Essie nail polish sets for my girls at Heathrow airport. This pink really appealed to me – but not the girls for some reason – so I put it on when we arrived and for the wedding after we returned home and reapplied once more after that! Continue reading

Spring: Closet Additions and Replacements

748289_fr_xl1008370_1Adding a couple of items that will be very useful this season. A Theory knitted midi skirt top has just the right amount of flare and is machine washable so very much a capsule travel item. It’s also a good thickness which also makes it transeasonal. I’ve always loved espadrilles and never found any over the last several years that were a good fit until these ones. I generally prefer to have a more covered style during the warmer weather and save my barest footwear for the poolside/beach and very rarely anywhere else.663088_fr_xlI’ve already finished my Spring/Summer shopping list that happily was short and contained more replacements than additions to my wardrobe. This is a very important point of progress for me as a reforming hoarder and general greedy guts in the clothes and accessories departments. Continue reading

Spring Wedding 2016

WED2I must apologise for not replying to comments lately, it’s just been an extra busy time and here is one of the reasons why, a family wedding to attend. Planning what to wear is never easy for weddings and more so when it is in Spring because you have that chaos factor of not knowing whether temperatures would effectively require Winter wedding mode or Summer mode and anything in between including rain. Continue reading

Travel: Monochrome


BWAs little as 2 years ago I would never have conceived a monochrome holiday wardrobe – white yes but never black. However, the more we traveled the more this combination works. I will discuss more in another post. The key is travel and not just holiday. We have never been one for parking ourselves in one place at our destination so it’s always very much about moving and exploring. Above (the wind whipped up just as the photo was taken sorry for the messy hair!) is a crop wide tailored trousers and silk shirt combination which is a favourite at home and away. From my last trip, I know it pays to have at least one pair of tailored trousers and a silk shirt . The day before I wore the same things but with a plain black tee. Continue reading