Closet 2015: Old and New

As I continue to keep a close eye on my closet, this year I find myself thinking about it in more the longterm. Inevitably, I have a lot of things I want to get rid of mostly in the direction of my growing girls and thinking twice and thrice about any new additions. Now that the Bag Monster has been vanquished or at least lies dormant for a very long time :-), I can better assess my clothes and other accessories.

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Spring: Refresh

410125_fr_xlZing! I remember seeing these a long while ago and falling in love :-) but gave up hope of ever finding them in my size. The Shoe Goddess meant for them to be added to my collection so sent a pair my way recently. Good things do come to those who wait … I wasn’t too hopeful about the fit to be honest because I don’t do too well with British shoe designers but they were true to size, comfy, the wedge height perfect and I fell in love all over again! They will give my Spring/Summer stuff a much needed boost!

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On the Move

Sorry no photos today – the blog is going nowhere – I am! As a follow up to this, this and this, it looks like we’ve finally found a new home to move to …. :-) The Universe had a different place in mind to the one we thought we were going to have. Different and better so we shan’t mention the slightly prolonged timing. I hope to have a few scheduled posts out (sorry for the monotony of outfit posts!) so the actual move will not mean a prolonged absence from the internet – if plans er go to plan – but if you haven’t heard from me again by the next Bank Holiday, you know something went wrong somewhere along the way!

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Denim, Blue and Suede Love

MBFW_FW15_FRAMEdenim_jkratochvil_9803-682x1024When I started wearing jeans again after a long hiatus of a decade, I never thought my new found love of denim would extend to shirts, skirts and tops too. And it continues with an adoration of this look above (by Frame Denim). Everything about it is perfect – wearable and chic. It’s an interpretation of the 70’s yet is both modern and forward looking.p.txtHere is the wonderful Mai Tai wearing a beautiful casual coat and carrying a Picotin in Bleu Sapphire – I love how it looks with black and blue jeans. One of my favourite outfits of hers. Continue reading