London February 2018 Part I

20I hadn’t been to London for over a year, this is most regrettable and completely unintentional. This past week, I organised a trip into ‘Town’ with my eldest daughter for a long overdue Jolly – just her and me. My younger two are not terribly interested in the big city sadly. Continue reading


Wardrobe Update Part 1: Winter 17/18

Edited to add this new navy coat above (pure wool by Jaeger): I am a self confessed coat addict – just as well since I do live a coat wearing country – but there’s no excuse to stock pile. I have gone through my collection and have followed the same rule of only replacing. And I’ve had to retire a couple so I’ve added the one above and below. There will be more outer wear retiring in anticipation of Spring but I don’t plan to replace any of those.

Because I have to drive a lot more than I used to, car coats as they used to be called are more practical for me. Perhaps they’re now more commonly known as pea coats or simply short coats. I love this one due to it being double breasted, this gives a more generous cut, it’s grey and 100% wool by Helmut Lang.

I adore a good dress and whilst I avoid black in general, this is an exception because it’s a light weight linen. It has sleeves and a style that covers most occasions I’m ever going to encounter. I absolutely love how it’s styled here. It happens to be Helmut Lang again. They’re ankle length or ‘maxi’ on me which is fine. Actually, I think my eldest daughter would wear it better – oh well!I found these coated jeans and they’re such an easy update. In the past, I would never have considered shiny pants but now they’re a bit different and just enough of a statement for the purpose of modernising my classic look.And finally these green velvet shoes that I wished I found last month to wear for the festive season. I have a few styles like these already and wanted a ‘dressy’ version to wear for more special occasions. Velvet is delicate compared to leather but everything else is very practical so I do hope to wear these as often as possible.

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Advancing Style Part II

I do hope everyone is enjoying the festive season so far. We had a wonderful time with family and now back home briefly. As I mentioned before I’ve been unexpectedly busy and couldn’t devote the usual time to wardrobe planning – didn’t have a spare moment in fact and had to just throw in stuff from muscle memory 🙂 I know it’s not the way to do it and thankfully it worked out this time. I’ve discovered again that past planning and my current effort with identifying and updating certain areas pay dividends. 99.9% of the time I can use what’s already in my wardrobe plus newer accessories update older items. I particularly like the mix of rich colours and textures above, bronze leather of an old Céline tote I couldn’t resist some years ago which has proven a practical choice in the UK climate and the bronze adds interest to my classic lines. I’ve said so many times before this H 90 carré (Coup de Fouet) goes with everything, all the time, here with a cosy old Burberry lambswool scarf. Continue reading

2017 – where did you go?

 It’s a natural phenomenon, the older one gets, the faster the years shoot by … all the more reason to make the most of every moment of everyday. Hello again! Apologies for not being able to keep up with everyone… trust all is well.

I must start with this photo of Alicia Vikanda at an airport. I mean, not only is it super flying style but the individual pieces are such lovely, classic basics made more current with the Céline heeled loafers: beautiful coat, mannish and luxe, y’all know my addiction to coats, layering of light weight jumper and tee, slim straight jeans and the gorgeous loafers that look so comfy. Continue reading

Closet Audit: Autumn – Winter 2017

I aim for simple, fuss free outfits that in no way impedes me when I’m on the go or require any kind of readjustment throughout the day. They also must reflect myself and what I love. I found these wonderful looks from the The Purse Forum where these super stylish ladies stopped me in my tracks with their modern classic outfits. They happen to be carrying H bags but honestly I adore their outfits all the same without! The above tailored trousers/check coat/boot combo is very much my go to staple. The metallic leather give the woollens a boost. Is this lady wearing double velvet? I can’t see if her trousers are also velvet or maybe a very fine baby cord – no matter – this is such a lovely cosy look in delicious colours – pink and rust – who knew? Neutral everything else though.Same lady, with a much deeper pink and rust cords for sure this time and neutral accessories. A dark chocolate brown bag never looked so good!  MUST find out who she is LOL! A variation of her look and how effortless she makes it appear.I’ve been a fan of this lady for the longest time and seeing a photo of her with a tiny Toolbox years ago ignited my interest in this bag then. It does’t appear that she has a blog or is on IG but there are stacks of photos of her online happily and all of them, absolutely all of them are great! I love beige and buff shades, here she keeps them fresh with pure white and a little bit of black plus a dash of bright. Simple when you know how. I must remember to put in thigh high splits into all my long skirts ….. 🙂

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