Closet Addition: Leather Jacket

LEATHERJKTThis is a double rarity: all black outfit and a leather jacket! I’m still processing each and the whole thing together in this instance. Continue reading

Closet Basics: Black Legging Jeans

SKINNYBLACK4I’m joining (late) with Happiness in Mid Life for my very first Throwback Thursday Link Up

I enjoyed wearing the white version so much last year here, here and here that I put the black version on the shopping list. In both cases I had sized up because I don’t wear anything as tight as leggings so they are effectively skinny fit on me. These are a nice stretch cotton and not the proper denim like these. Continue reading

Linens, Jeans, Cashmere and Trench

LINENSStarted off the day early with linens – Gap tunic shirt and tailored pants, Mango cashmere cardi and My Suelly pointy toe brogues with ancient leather Longchamp Roseau tote. NEUTRALSBy afternoon changed the pants to Gap 1969 grey bf jeans for errands and more house work. Continue reading

Spring: Purple Chèvre

CHEVRETRIMLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #153

I don’t mean to give you a crick in the neck – so sorry –  but I’m still trying to find a good spot for photos :-) Very pleased to bring out another Trim (so this one isn’t lonely). Continue reading

Spring Flowers

CARNATIONS - CopyCARNATIONS2I don’t normally choose strong colours for the house but these are the mini carnations that looked too happy to ignore. Flowers for the house is such a luxury and my goal is to grow my own of course so there’d be some sort of flowers all year round. Many years ago, when my first daughter was only a few weeks old and we were staying at my mother’s house, one of her good friends, ‘M’, visited to meet the new grandchild for the first time. M has a beautiful house and garden and she brought me a gorgeous little posy picked from that garden. It was so thoughtful and I wished I had dried those flowers to keep. Continue reading

Home: Back to Basics

URNYes, the move was mad and only slightly less so a month on. I’ve been reading blogs a little and able to comment less but hope to be back on track soon. In the meantime I’ve learnt more than expected from the entire process. Obviously planning and organisation will always help to ease the way forward but I learnt something better: the meaning and value of Patience. Continue reading