Spring Flowers

CARNATIONS - CopyCARNATIONS2I don’t normally choose strong colours for the house but these are the mini carnations that looked too happy to ignore. Flowers for the house is such a luxury and my goal is to grow my own of course so there’d be some sort of flowers all year round. Many years ago, when my first daughter was only a few weeks old and we were staying at my mother’s house, one of her good friends, ‘M’, visited to meet the new grandchild for the first time. M has a beautiful house and garden and she brought me a gorgeous little posy picked from that garden. It was so thoughtful and I wished I had dried those flowers to keep. Continue reading

Home: Back to Basics

URNYes, the move was mad and only slightly less so a month on. I’ve been reading blogs a little and able to comment less but hope to be back on track soon. In the meantime I’ve learnt more than expected from the entire process. Obviously planning and organisation will always help to ease the way forward but I learnt something better: the meaning and value of Patience. Continue reading

Pastels and Spring Tweed

PASTEL2Last outfits using my neighbour’s fence as backdrop. Ever. We moved, before finishing unpacking or anything, launched straight into sleepover party mode for Teen’s belated birthday celebration and big family gathering for Easter! Vintage Wetherall tweed coat in sky sblue/cream/beige also here, is a perfect cover up for Spring. It takes a while for me to peel off the layers and I’m still wearing a thermal vest under The Cashmere Company jumper. Continue reading