Kelly Sport

RASPBERRYANDPURPLE3The Kelly Sport is a variation on the sellier construction that’s taller with no flap also here. Mine is the medium size in black box leather with goldtone hardware. There is a smaller size that looks cute worn cross body. Introuducing the replacement Crombie coat style, by Max Mara in a dark moleskin grey colour. Sorry for the lack of morning light! Continue reading


COUPDEFOUETKeeping it real with a too early morning shot of me still half asleep :-) with hair all over the place. This scenario is becoming more and more frequent as we enter Winter but I’m snug as can be in this collarless coat by Vince also here and here. It’s a great opportunity to wear my scarves simply tied like this to keep my neck cosy, Coup de Fouet which is one of favourites. Continue reading

Shawl Weather

FLECKSCORDSI was so looking forward to bringing out the Hermès cashmere/silk shawls. This was my first of two from last year and they certainly worked very well for me. My neck always get cold so scarves and shawls are essential. It’s also a way to indulge in ‘everyday luxury’. Continue reading

Navy, Camel and Gold

NAVYCAMELGOLD2Wearing one of my favourite pairs of jeans (fit, colour and comfort) for a quick lunch in town with our two eldest children. The navy double breasted cardigan is a waffle knit also here and here in grey – very cosy. Continue reading

Closet Audit : Shopping List A/W 2015-6

I feel really drawn to deep blues, greys, greens and olive this season. The Trim is Olive Barenia leather but looks brown here.

I feel really drawn to deep blues, greys, greens and olive this season. The Trim is a Navy Epsom with grey undertones and the Evelyne is Olive Barenia leather but looks brown here.

I decided to do away with Wishlists some time ago and make actual Shopping lists twice a year instead. The wishlists encouraged me to add more stuff until they became endless whereas the Shopping list helped me target and focus on what I actually need – mostly replacements or an upgrade to a better quality and this has been the case for this season when I realised my coats needed updating. My vintage treasures are safe – they’re still going strong but it’s a couple of others that had to be retired. Continue reading

Closet Addition: Black Cashmere Coat

TRAPEZECASHMERE3So me and coats, coats and me, we go a long, long way back. I was always drawn to the classics and that’s how I went through the terrible 80’s wearing them with massive shoulder pads before finding vintage treasures that fit beautifully everywhere – then the next two decades avoiding shoulder pads altogether with softer shapes and trenches. Continue reading