Chelsea and Marc

Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky on Saturday 31st July. The wedding dress is by Vera Wang, who is a friend of the family apparently. The skirt is beautiful, a fairy tale of petals and the waist has a wide band of silver embroidery. The bodice has some pleating but it doesn’t seem enough to balance the details of the rest of the dress. I would have  chosen a subtler make up for Chelsea. She is already blessed with big eyes and a full mouth. I think the black liner is too harsh especially next to Hillary, who looks as serenely happy as a proud mother could. Bill looks crushed! As any loving father would on his only daughter’s wedding day. Good luck and best wishes to the happy couple!

Updates according to People Magazine: Chelsea’s ivory wedding gown is made from laser cut organza. She changed into a tulle Grecian inspired gown with a black belt and cross back for the party afterwards, also designed by Vera Wang. This seems to be a ‘trend’ in Celebrityville where the chosen designer not only designs the wedding dress but the evening party dress too . How long will it be before we have the traditional, old fashioned ‘trousseau’ back? Hillary’s gown is by Oscar de la Renta in the most beautiful raspberry colour. The men, Father of the Bride, Bill and the Groom, Marc wore tuxedos by Burberry’s Christopher Bailey. They’re on a 2 week honeymoon at an undisclosed destination. More details in this article at WWD

The poem Chelsea and Marc read to each other was so lovely I wanted to cry when I saw the article about it. They seem deeply in love and completely devoted to each other. And it was wonderful to read Hillary and Bill say they felt their most important job was being her parents.  My own children are a long way from marrying but occasionally unsettling thoughts bubble up in my head, will they marry, if so to whom and when and how? Will the in laws be human? Are we a good example of a married couple? Sweetie, young as she is, wants to be a mummy when she grows up, Tween wants to have four children (like I wanted) and Boy was surprisingly thoughtful when he announced one day that to be a [future] fighter pilot would mean he wouldn’t see his [future] children very much.


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