Moving, packing, sorting, selling

We are in a maelstrom of moving from a home we’ve lived in for the last 10 years and it’s the only home my children have ever known. My husband and I lived in a two bedroom flat and the house was close to 3 times the space…that we duly filled once the kids came along.

The first to be tackled were the children’s clothes and shoes that had to be sorted into what can be worn now, can be worn in the near future, to be sold, keepsakes, charity donations and stuff I bought ahead. It’s hardest deciding on my own stuff.

Today we are tackling the toys and tomorrow will be the books.

Update: I thought it would take an hour at most to sort through the toys downstairs but it proved to be a painful process. The children, much to my surprise, were capable of more nostalgia than their mother and claimed to ‘love’ practically every item and no amount of reasoning would stop the tears. And we were just on the downstairs toys. At this rate our objective will never be met and we’ll end up transporting everything and squashing inside a house half as big with next to no storage space…unless you count the garden. And no there’s no garage, it’s been converted into a kitchen/diner. Well, I’ve got no choice but to deploy my ‘stealth’ mode. Stealth Mummy will pick through every toy category and make executive decisions easily and painlessly while the children are asleep or otherwise engaged for an extended period of time. When we reach our destination, there’ll be new rooms to explore, new furniture, new garden, new shops and new parks. But a lot fewer toys.


One thought on “Moving, packing, sorting, selling

  1. MayBee

    Ha ha this made me laugh. I am trying to have a clearout too. Every time I pull something out I think they’ve forgotten they reclaim it. Stealth Mummy is the only option. Stealth Daddy would be good too, but he’s the one who keeps sneaking new toys in!


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