New school and routine

The kids started school at the end of last week so it was a slow start. It was okay, I was relieved Boy wore underwear (he’s been going commando since his little accident). The night before he had said no at first but I told him that school would expect him to wear underpants (trying to suppress my panic) and they’d be very surprised if they found out he wasn’t wearing any. He agreed thankfully and proceeded to quiz me about whether I had got the right uniform for them all. To be honest I wasn’t exactly sure and since we didn’t know anyone, I couldn’t even ask.

As we walked to school, I could see the kids looking out for other kids and they were all happy to note they blended in quite well, at least on the surface.

There was a lot of confusion as usual for the first morning back. They all found their classes and I was able to go back to reception to ask them all my questions. I was quite pleasantly surprised when they took me to the Kitchen Manager to talk to her about school lunches. As Tween in particular has allergies, I had to know what, if and how they cook the meals. And they do actually cook in their kitchens and not just buy in and heat up. I was so happy they seem to understand and willing to work with me should she have a reaction to something. So far so good. I remember my school dinners (as they were called) very fondly. I’m pretty sure this is where my love for English puddings and sweets came from. Our family has been lucky enough to enjoy a very varied cuisine, almost international when we think about it and it’s nice for me to know my kids are having the same experience.

I hope the activities and stimulation at school would have tired them out for bed time but it still took a long while to settle them down. By this week I adjusted their routine at home a little to eat dinner as soon as they got home so that the rest of the time would be a long enoughย  stretch for them to play, fit in homework, unwind (unless winding each other up) and a build up to bath and bed. A work in progress…..


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