Being the new girl at school is so hard to do…

So the first two days of new school were ok with my youngest, Sweetie, who is 5. This week she’s  realised it’s a full time commitment and a really long day.  She always has a slump midweek and this time is now exception. Homework all week has been just one reading book she read very well. ‘Just tell my teacher if it’s too easy or too hard’, she informed me. And 2 books for me to read with her which were really lovely little stories. Sweetie gets very involved in the story and you can see her little face so absorbed in the words. Yesterday a child ran into her in the playground and she fell grazing both knees badly. They looked so painful. It was a challenge to shower her and wash her hair without getting the knees too wet. In the end she put her head over the side of the bath so I could wash her hair then gave her a quick body wash trying my best to avoid spraying near the knees.

She’s a very brave girl normally but this morning her resolve melted and she sobbed as she clung to me at the edge of the class with everyone else sitting neatly with their open books in their laps. After a few minutes of encouraging words, she suddenly found enough courage to pick up her school folder and went off to her space on the carpet. It was so sad. It doesn’t help that they are all missing their Dad who is away working right now.


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