Being the new Mum at school is so hard to do…..

Well you know it’s not just the kids who have to adjust to a new school. The practical stuff is working out such as timing the walk to school and the route. It’s so good to be able to just walk  since I had to drive to and from their last school. It wasn’t a question of distance or comfort. It was just not having the choice. Even the kids got frustrated sometimes. I walked a very long way to my school as a kid in all weathers except when it was really fierce like a snow/hail/rain storm then I took a bus but it wasn’t often. I used to dream of living next door to the school like a my friend did.Their school now is literally at the end of a street of houses. Ironically, most of the residents closest by are retired people.

I haven’t found a natural opportunity to even greet any of the mothers and I have 3 kids so that’s 3 times the opportunities missed twice over….everyday! It’s the breaking into cemented friendships that’s the most daunting part. I really do want to make good friends for myself as well as the kids. I’ve got the chance to observe. There are Dads sharing the school drop off and and pick ups as well as Grandparents which is really sweet. The mums are all sorts of shapes and sizes and style (can’t help but notice). There are The Dog Walking Mummies, one in particular who always wears tight jeans, tighter vest tops and saunters around the village with her large canine escort. The other day I saw her with a friend who dressed almost exactly the same also escorted by her dog. There are the Exotic Mummies who are quite a varied and very interesting looking bunch. There are The New Mummies who are usually still round from having recently given birth and either push a very neat pram with an equally neat little babe passenger (can never resist a little peak) or are fully equipped with buggy board, trike and is surrounded by at least a little toddler plus the older school child. Sometimes a dog too….perhaps this is what The Dog Walking Mummies evolve into? There are The Round Mummies who haven’t recently given birth. There are The Eco Mummies who carry everything in re-usable bags and wear sensible sandals, very little or no make up but always look really pretty. There are The Punk and Rocker Mummies who have electric coloured hair. I am not sure there’s a place for me yet. I am not fussy, I’ll talk to anyone. Motherhood is a great leveller at the end of the day.


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