More beautiful dresses

And now for something a little lighter than my last post. Seeing some really lovely dresses recently:

This kind of nude, sparkly, slinky column dress is always sure to please and on Clare Dane, it clings to all the right places. I just wish she would have done something a little special with her hair to match. Nothing elaborate, just something to elevate her look to make it more invidual and special. I’m not sure who the actress is wearing the deep pink dress which I absolutely adore. It looks like an exotic flower swallowed her.

I love these short dresses in monochrome that are timeless (not that they will appear again on the carpet again of course!) and so easy to wear. And look at Diane Von Furstenburg. Stunning, can more than hold her own among bright young things – that’s style. She manages to break a few rules here, sequins AND bold patterns, sheer top, broad belt AND mini skirt! And finally Kate on official duty with new boyfriend and looking beyond confident and sensational….the look that says, ‘you left ME for a younger body, well, now I have one tooI..’ Have you seen her boyfriend?…gosh….he is um easy on the eyes as you might say. This is the best we’ve ever seen of Kate and the ultra natural make up takes years off her. I just love that she still has her beautiful curves but is obviously toned and healthy. I salute you, Kate!


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