‘But I want to look awesome!’ says…..Boy

I sure didn’t see this one coming. This is what he kept complaining about this morning. Complaining because I just washed his brand new jogging bottoms last night and they were still wet, therefore he could not take them to do PE at school today. He never requested them, never even mentioned them before but I bought them knowing he would be needing them once it got cold during PE and football coaching. All he mentioned was the hooded sweatshirt – that was dry – last night. I get all their PE/swim/school bag ready the day before in the hope nothing gets forgotten you know in the morning rush. Anyway, apparently I failed due to the wet jogging bottoms. Boy, to his credit, is very conscientious and does remind me to have his PE stuff ready.  Last night I had to ask him about shirt colours allowed at shcool because there was a chance his white shirt wouldn’t dry by morning.  I offered him a light blue polo shirt, I’d seen lots of the boys wearing. ‘The naughty boy wears that’ Boy said, ‘Do I have a darker blue t-shirt?’, thinking he meant navy blue, I showed him his navy blue polo shirt. It wasn’t the right blue according to him. He said ‘Johnny’ wears that colour shirt. So I am guessing here that ‘Johnny’ is not a naughty boy. I thought it might be a Royal blue but no not that shade either. Anyway happily his white shirt was dry by morning.

OK, let me back up a little and explain that my son, from toddlerhood had an aversion to new clothes, so much so that when he did need new clothes to wear I could not say they were, otherwise he simply refused to put them on. At the same time of course, with my daughter even if her dress wasn’t new and I wanted her to wear it, all I had to do was exclaim, ‘Oh let’s put your new dress on!’. My husband isn’t into new clothes either so it became something of a family joke.

Last year, Boy discovered hair gel from his barber and his friends and would insist on combing in a slodge or two before going out. But that quickly stopped once he realised it meant he needed to wash his hair everytime.

Last weekend we had a stressful hunt for a football strip and shin pads for him. The staff were beyond useless and in the end I literally just had to grab the nearest one that was his size. We hunted for a hooded sweatshirt and I had been aiming for a zip up style but luckily I asked Boy’s opinion. He prefers the one that just goes over the head which is what he got. Easy. He said it wasn’t enough though. He needs the jogging bottoms with it to look ‘awesome’. Great. Now I know.


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