Potato & Leek soup

I’ve been meaning to make this staple for weeks. Just this morning I finally got some potatoes that were going cheap at my local Co-operative and hot foot it home. Now, not being in my own kitchen and not quite sure of the recipe since my memory isn’t what it used to be, a successful outcome was uncertain. For one there’s no metric measuring jug I’m used to so I’m struggling with how much water to boil to receive the potato and leek. Also same thing with the stock cubes – how many do I need? I only learnt this recipe 2 summers ago inspired by potato and cucumber soup a friend made for me and the kids. My kids coouldn’t get enough of it especially since she also provided ice cubes to help cool the soup down which they thought was just too wonderful. So I’m telling the friend, ‘I must, I will make this at home.’ My kids are looking at me like I’ve deprived them of some basic human right over the years. Oh please, I made soup for them when they were babies and thought that phase was over. I even froze the soup into little cubes in ice trays so little tummies can eat maybe 2 or 3 at a time. When I did get round to making it during this phase, I didn’t have enough cucumbers and used the leek instead.

So anyway, I guestimate 3 organic vegetable stock cubes. I checked it later and everything seems soft enough but tasting a little bland so I throw in another stock cube and search for the blender. I realise there’s no spatula in this kitchen – no spatula! Even a student’s kitchen has a spatula (no disrepect to students). The timer rings and the soup looks really ready. The blender is super powerful and behold the soup is just the right consistency! Not too thin and watery and not too thick and starchy. I eagerly taste it and it’s as good as I’ve ever made it. Oh geez, how much water did I use?


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