The Sales – online

Oh dear I have hit the sales recently and trying to stop…today. It started with having to buy some bedding and clothes for the kids, school uniforms x 3, PE clothes x 3, coats x 3 and basic winter items such as new leggings, jogging bottoms, sweaters and cardigans. I packed away their Summer stuff and their cupboards were empty except for their school stuff! This was mainly Marks & Spencers and The White Company. It spread to the Gap and as I signed up as a new online customer, I got an extra 15% discount on the sale items. I had bought a few things in my local store already so had a rough idea of what was available. I’m late to it but this is better, much better for me!

I have sneaked in a couple of things for myself – that I’m not sure about – and have got one Christmas present for Tween out of it.

The merino wool dark grey cardigan is for myself, down to £14.99 from £45! The white polo shirt is for Boy (I got 2) and the rest are for Sweetie. I bought the matelot stripe cotton top in black for her already and couldn’t resist the red version.

The black tee is Hello Kitty and comes with the bag for Tween. The long and short sleeve tees are for boy – £5 in the sale. The black dress was an amazing £12 but I’m not quite sure about the ‘batwing’ effect. It’s a stitched down cape in fact and the jersey is good quality. It’s just long enough to cover my knees – I would never wear it above the knees like the model. And the shorts/leggings combo is for Tween (£7 for both).

I really like the flirty stripe dress for Tween (to counterbalance all the blackshe’s got). The grey cardigan is for Sweetie and can be used for school (Tween has one already and it’s lightweight and very soft). The blue sweater is for Boy who never likes to wear layers of clothes so he needs to wear something reasonably thick plus a thermal vest.  The slate grey cargo style trousers are for me – I seem to live in trousers these days and need new pairs. A gorgeous green v neck merino wool sweater for me. I just love this colour and another basic, a black cardigan in cotton mix which helps to keep its shape so you don’t get that pure cotton ‘sag’. I love the shape of the grey dress and plan to wear it layered with tights, sweater and boots for now and on its own in Spring. The 2 dresses are for Tween and she could do the same with them so they work for the cold and warm seasons. They are pure cotton which is sometimes hard to find and Tween needs natural fibres for her eczema prone skin. I plan to give these for her birthday in a few months but doubt if I can hide them for that long, plus I know she’ll get bored with wearing jeans/joggers/leggings. So that completes my sales-fest.

Oh what about my husband you say? Well I really wanted to buy a merino wool sweater for him to match mine but he hates buying new clothes and since he already splashed out on some new undies and boxer shorts, let’s see when was that, last year – no just kidding – it was last month, he’ll tell me he’s not in need of anything new. At all.


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