Diet, Fitness and Health: latest

I was struggling to lose some weight and tone up before the move. It just wasn’t happening then the move happened and now it feels like I’ve lost a lot of weight but since I don’t have scales anymore, can’t confirm that. All I can say is that my trousers are looser and not so great, so are my bras….or is that because I threw them in the hot wash?! But I have a tape measure and my waist is 28′ or 71cm which is very respectable considering my pre-kids measurement was 26-27′. I always had a thick waist proportionally. I had that classic ‘mummy tummy’ or ‘muffin top’ over the waist bulge thing and it was the worst in my case because my hips and bum have always been slim – take it from me your hips and butt CAN be too small! So the bulge looked more exaggerated and I had to resort to dresses.

Some people are obsessed with their hips and bottom. For me it’s my waist because I used to have quite a straight up and down shape.  I’m the typical ‘apple’ shape and always wanted the classic hourglass womanly shape. After I had the kids, my metabolism changed dramatically. This was a big shock for someone who never used to worry about dieting. It didn’t help to keep weighing myself. I always felt heavy and full. And so I’ve been trying to get rid of that feeling for almost a year now.

Since the move, I’ve been living in trousers and have practically worn out the 3 pairs that I have. I dug out an old pair of jeans that are 28′ waist that I used to wear pre-kids at home and they’d fall off me but it didn’t matter because they were my lounging jeans since I never liked tracksuits and so never owned any. Well they fit me know and they’re pretty high waisted. I have so many Levi jeans all 26′ waists including a faded blue vintage pair I found in the famous Portobello Market, London. Guess these will have to be kept for my girls.

I’ve ordered a new pair of jeans and chino type trousers online. These days, I don’t have the time nor the patience to spend hours in shops looking and trying on dozens of jeans but if these don’t fit, that’s exactly what I’ll have to do.

I was under a lot of stress during and just after the move and for a while I literally didn’t eat which I definitely do not recommend. I’ve tidied up my eating habits now that there’s only the 4 of us most of the time and if I stick to it, I should be ok even though I don’t go to the gym or run or anything like that. I walk everywhere now. The best thing is I’m excited to be able to wear some of my favourite clothes again.


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