Spare a thought for Lilly Allen and other grieving parents

I don’t normally home in on such a private and sad subject but it’s something so many couples suffer yet too often they aren’t given any support at all by medical professionals. Lilly Allen suffered a late miscarriage at 6 months pregnant. It is her second miscarriage and she is only 25 years old.

I carried our first baby for 9 weeks then lost it. It felt the world had caved in. I don’t think the sonographer said anything other than the basic fact, ‘there’s no heartbeat’. And the Gynaecologist/Obstetrician merely said ‘just wait 6 months before trying again’. My husband pressed further and the reply was, ‘normally there’s no testing until you have 3 miscarriages’. Well that’s all fine then!

I searched obsessively for information in books and found little more than a paragraph. That was in the days before online searches yet I managed to find an online group of other women who had miscarried and it was the only real support I had at the time. And since then, I’ve met women who have suffered the same thing and they have all said they got little to no information let alone support. It’s so very sad! I would never wish that feeling of loss, of failure and of total despair and grief on anyone. And you don’t forget: it’s been ten years this week.


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