Shopping overload – there’s such a thing?

As well as disliking new clothes, my son Boy has an aversion to wearing too many layers, more specifically, coats if they are too thick and bulky.  He’s very, very attached to his last coat which is one of those raincoats with a detachable fleece (Regatta) alas it’s too small for him. So I had to check and double check, research a new one which I dutifully found for him. He tried it on after much coaxing and it fit – tiny bit loose but he’s slim. I’m relieved. Some time later on Saturday, we all needed to wrap up well and he refused to wear it for a stroll to the village library. Cue more coaxing – it’s just like Daddy’s coat – exactly the same colour – and it’s got secret pockets –  lecture, tantrums and finally, as a last resort, threats. But he did wear it, just about because he let it fall off one shoulder and at one point took his arm out before I told him to put the coat back on properly. I think that was my longest walk ever to the library (5 minutes’ normal walking pace).

Yesterday he put it on without fuss and I was determined not to mention it. I don’t know how we got on the subject of his coat again, maybe one of the girls made a comment.

Boy:  Is this from Marks and Spencer?

Me: a matter of fact it is

Boy: You buy so many things from there!!!

Me: Well, there was all your school_[interrupted]

Boy: Do they know you?

Me: (nervous laugh) No, they have millions of customers besides

Boy: But we go [to the shop] everyday!

Me: Every week – that’s every week because [I ordered new underwear and some trousers to replace my worn out ones not to mention some of your xmas presents – but no one is listening]

I don’t think we could get into our loacal Marks and Spencer this Saturday even if we wanted/needed to because it was so crowded last week.


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