Let’s Talk About: Keeping Warm in Style

This is Angelina last night at the New York Premier of her latest film, ‘The Tourist’. She’s in her signature colour white evening wear but the material is really lovely and different – looks like mohair and the long floor sweeping length makes it truly glamorous. Sadie Frost on the other hand combines a sexy and revealing LBD with a slouchy cardigan and looks fantastic. This is the sort of thing I would do – got the cardis but lacking the body to pull off the sexy LBD, hmff!

I guess the interest is also about different textures together: the fluffiness against smooth silky skin and hair, shiny and matt, sheer and opaque.

For mere mortals like me, I just bought a pure cashmere knit scarf that’s wide and long enough to be a wrap. Wool irritates my skin so I’m trying cashmere since it’s too cold for cotton or silk and I’m not keen on synthetics.

I also got some practical walking boots in a warm orange you know for a change from all the grey…!

Also breaking up the grey is my beige vintage mink hat. It’s incredibly warm and I love it!


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