Sickness and bugs

Let me just set the scene. This is the last week of school before the Christmas Holidays. I had planned to get a lot done last week so that I wouldn’t end up rushing around at the last minute as usual. Last week was the start of several concerts, plays and so on that invariably happens in and out of school at this time of year so it took a while to organise myself to make sure each child was where they were supposed to be with appropriate costume, instrument and accessories. Also to make sure raffle tickets, mince pie contributions and Christmas Lunch were paid for, given and ordered at school not to mention booking club activities for next year to ‘avoid disappointment’ AND enough supply of Christmas cards, written and duly distributed.

Then last Thursday night it began, Tween was freshly showered, hair washed and reading in bed when she violenty vomitted on the landing. She was trying to get to the bathroom. Off she went into the shower again. She was trying to rest in bed afterwards when it happened again right there in the middle of her pink and ivory bedroom, on her pink and ivory rug. Oh why didn’t I whip that away in time? Another change of pyjamas, another shower but thankfully I had tied her waist length up out of the way. I felt sorry for the washing machine that worked all night because she was sick for a third then finally a fourth time. She missed one performance of the play at school.

On Saturday night it was Boy’s turn to be attacked by the vomitting bug. The bedding and towels had barely dried. I’d learnt my lesson and had installed him in the bathroom as soon as he mentioned feeling sick to sit sadly on a stool waiting for the inevitable. He was only sick twice. He missed a performance at school too. Sweetie helpfully suggested I call the ‘Bug Man’ to get rid of the vomitting bug in the house! She is only 5 and a half so is inclined to take things rather literally.

I was waiting for Sweetie to have her turn by Monday but nothing. But she hadn’t escaped entirely. By tea time on Tuesday she had a high fever and has been off school eversince, yes missing one performance too. She’d lost weight from a bad cold last month and is off her food again which means she’s not re-gained any and desperately needs to be fattened up this holiday.  Oh just for good measure Tween has headlice. Why not? Her pink and ivory rug has shrunk by about 4 inches having had to be washed no less than 3 times. Next time, I  shall be prepared if nothing else!


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