What I’m coveting now….already, just 3 days into 2011!

Well, at least they’re nothing extravagant…don’t get me started on my BIG, LIFETIME WISHLIST!

1. Low heeled everyday shoes – with about 2″ heels because can’t really do flatties being short. I’ve seen some with cuban heels which look different and practical.

2. Tweed jacket – preferably vintage or a very traditional style – I like the ones with a built in belt and pockets at the breast and hips.

3. Tan leather bag preferably in the convertible style with both top handles to carry as a tote and a shoulder strap. However, as in a previous post, finding the right tan is extremely difficult. This Mulberry Alexa in Oak is a contender though I was never a fan of Mulberry bags before. Hmmm!

This is the fashion spread (Sunday Express magazine) that inspired me to think tweed:

I just love the 40’s look and the short length jackets with silk blouses and the cute knit. I have always loved the 1940’s style, however, I have to be very careful the shoulders in jackets and coats aren’t too padded as I already have big shoulders.

This fashion spread is, to me, a great example of making vintage look modern enough to wear everyday. Also it owes more than a little to the personal style of one Miss Catherine Middleton, don’t you think? Yeah, the little corgi is too cute!


2 thoughts on “What I’m coveting now….already, just 3 days into 2011!

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Welcome and thank you! Please addd a link to my blog on yours and I’ll return the compliment.


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