Favourites this week: black forever, colour and crochet

There’s quite a mix that caught my eye this week and made me drool:

Naomi Watts in a beautiful crochet lace dress for a wedding in Australia, where it’s full on Summer, Reese Witherspoon twice in one of the simplest and stylish silhouettes of skinny jeans/heels/jacket and bright jewel scarf – of course the 4 carat diamond is optional…Winona Ryder is in vintage Jean Patou – oh my goodness you don’t often hear that name except in connection with perfume – looking absolutely wonderful and voluptuous. This is the best I’ve seen her in a long while and it’s such a shame as she’s so very pretty and (still) has a killer figure. Taylor Swift’s dress has a lot going on for me (drape/sheer/sparkle/cross over/double hemline in a very small dress) but it works and she looks great. The only this is she should have put on some sleeker heels – much sleeker heels! Ah Chloe Sevigny, haven’t seen her around so much recently and I just love her dress – 80’s Donna Karan style jersey drape to the waist with the slash of flesh. All so good!


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