How could I resist you?

Yes, it’s my 2nd splurge at The Outnet…which means I broke one of my Wardrobe Resolutions (I lasted all of 5 days into 2011 but more of that in another post) so this is what I ordered and compare with what arrived this morning after the jump:

UPDATE: I’m sending them back, I’m being strict and not going to keep things unless they are exactly right.

The colour is darker which makes it a bronze not gold colour as described on the website. I am all for dark gold because it suits me better and is more versatile but these are most definitely bronze. The fit is ok except on my left foot being very, very slightly smaller than my right, never usually a problem, except with expensive-shoe-designer-of-the-moment of course!

The proportion of the strap is different on my shoes because they must have photogrpahed a size 11 for the website making the straps look quite small compared to the rest of the shoe.

I do not have any, any nice flats for the Spring or Summer (though have stacks of heeled, strappy sandals already) so want to keep them but not entirely sure, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “How could I resist you?

  1. tryingtolookfabinyourforties

    I was going to order these in black but they sold out quickly. I really needed a black flat pair for spring and to tick that portion of the wardrobe staples list and luckily got a jimmy choo pair from their website for £125, check out my twitter there is a picture as they arrived earlier today, although I expect I will do a post on them soon. I do like what you have bought, I like them more in real life to be honest and like black, metallics go with everything x


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