Favourite LBD’s this week + pregnant pause

(And no, lemme tell it to you straight now, I am not pregnant!)

OK, I think it’s pretty obvious the shape and style of dress I like from these 2 that I’m drooling all over! Prada (?) on Carey and Oscar de la Renta on Michelle. Demurely feminine and all woman. Talking of which, just look at Natalie Portman!

I mean really, does anyone have the right to look so good when pregnant?

I’ve long made peace with my own body shape except for the tinge of embarrassment when I remember the 3 versions of my pregnant self.

OOooh Teletubby XXXL size comes to mind – minus any cuteness whatsoever when I was carrying the girls, especially with Sweetie, so much so my Obstetrician gave me a severe telling off for being a human food vacuum (it was all true, guilty as charged).

And Torpedo-Tum when I was carrying Boy, it was just ridiculous how much I protruded out with him. But my hair WAS shiny and thick and my skin DID glow too…..oh well, that’s all done with now *sigh*. All I have to look forward to in that *ahem* department is the menopause. Just. Great.


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