Big lifetime wishlist

It’s Monday, where I am, outside it’s dull, dark, wet, windy and cold.  Perfect for a wishlist interlude.

Bags: Hermès bag – for the longest time I dreamt only of the Birkin, the only undecided factor was colour. Then, don’t know when it happened, I just lost any excitement for it. There are a few other styles I love eg the Kelly shape but an old version that has a detachable shoulder strap.

Chanel bag – it would have to be the more durable Cavier not lambskin and much as I would prefer the the ‘Jumbo’ size, it would look too big on me so will stick with the classic size.

Clothing: Chanel suit – just the plain boxy jacket, bracelet length sleeves and matching pencil skirt.

Jewellery: I’d really love a near or flawless 1ct diamond brilliant cut solitaire ring from Cartier or Tiffany. In fact an Emerald version would be stunning too as I also love green.

Shoes: as I have a difficult shoe size and fit, a pair of classic, round toe stilettoes that are made to measure just for me in black, tan and pale gold/nude colours.

Pretty basic and simple really, how about your big wishlist?


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