Interlude: kids talk

At the dinner table:

Tween (age 9) [admiring her birthday card containing a crisp note from in laws]: I’m going to write a thank you letter.

Boy (age 7) [pouting and jealous]: I wish I had some money [pause]. Can I have a bank account, like, can I go to the desk and ask them to open one for me?

Me (nevermind my age): Yes, you can do that [you will need Mummy or Daddy there].

Boy: Can I get money out from the cash machine like you?

Me: You’d need a cash card to do that.

Boy: Can I get one?

Me: Not until you’re 18 [not entirely sure about this actually!].

Tween: That’s when your life starts..when you’re 18.

Sweetie (age 5): I can’t wait to be a teenager. Mummy, how many days ’til I’m a teenager?


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