First Lady and dressing with Style at any age

I struggled with the title of this post because it is about stylish dressing for older women but this concept has evolved in the last couple of decades. It used to be quite clearly defined how a woman should dress according to her social status and age and that simply was all there was to it. As late as in the 1950’s I believe, a woman of 40 years old was most definitely middle aged and only had impending grandmotherhood to look forward to. In recent times, an increasing number of women are only marrying and/or starting their families at this age.

So I’m delighted and comforted by examples of strong women who are leading the way with so much grace and confidence in looking their best at 40+ Michelle Obama, who recently celebrated her 47th birthday,  looks wonderful in this Alexander McQueen evening gown, the cut and colour work so well and such an unexpected choice. She’s certainly tall enough to carry this off. And designer Vera Wang, I believe, is in her 60’s yet looks youthful – not in the sense of trying hard to look young – and serene in her own design.

This is Helen Mirren looking fabulous again. I tell you I feel more and more at ease about growing old (er!).


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