Introducing Care & Storage

I’ve added two new pages about caring and storing for clothes and accessories. A lot of my time – far too much of course according to my long suffering husband – is spent looking for lovely things to wear and carry – for his delight as well my own he always forgets naturally – but really that’s just the half of it.

I’ve had more cleaning disasters than I dare to remember and wish I’d been able to research more about looking after my things when I was younger. Like when a ‘cowboy’ dry cleaner lost the matching scarf to a very expensive designer blouse I had or when I washed a sundress I wore on honeymoon and it shrank by about 4 sizes (I was tiny then and I kid you not, Tween can wear it now as a maxi dress), or when a favourite pair of shoes got thrown out accidentally. So, now that I’ve a collection of stuff I’ve invested (considerable) time and (let’s not even go there) money in acquiring, I’d better do the honourable thing and make sure they are all looked after as well as can be.

I like to be obsessively organised and hate losing misplacing things. One advantage of being over 40 is that I probably have something from most eras now from the first time round so it’s just a matter of digging them out to see if they will work the second time around but not if I have no clue where they are in the wardrobe, spare room, suitcases, loft or girls dressing up box.

The pages are just the start and I would be most grateful for any help and contributions to them as time goes on so everyone can share the information and perhaps anecdotes on their cleaning and other disasters.


6 thoughts on “Introducing Care & Storage

  1. mystyle

    Hi there-great tips and I believe too that storage is most important, I picked up two chests that hold my summer wear and winter jumpers and I keep perfume boxes and designer bags to hold my scarves and other accessories xx

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Pearl, your article is perfect! Please may I link to it on the page? Thanks a ton. About the dry cleaners, it is trial and error but do you have any recommendations from friends for where you live?


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