Inspiration: beautiful woman, beautiful look

I love, love reading Garance Doré’s blog. She’s French and that’s all that needs to be said basically in terms of style and wit. I adore this recent photo she posted so much I’m going to put it here and talk about it – and hope not to get sued. I will email and beg her forgiveness too of course.

This is the kind of look I’d just die to be able to re-create for myself. OK, OK, the model is impossibly beautiful but alas, a head transplant isn’t an option medically right now so let’s try to concentrate on the more do-able aspects of her look.

  • the basic tee perhaps a Breton style top but instead of navy, bright yellow stripes and only a couple of flashes
  • a toning beige cable knit slim fit adds an interesting texture
  • casual jacket in a warm brown worn with cuffs turned up above the knits and pushed back
  • a contrast of the precise cut A line front pleated black skirt above the knee length – girly, flirty yet perfectly demure
  • prim opaque black tights with maybe flats or boots
  • the well loved vintage Kelly bag in the crook of the arm in a surprising burgundy colour which add more warmth to the browns and beige
  • a simple wrist watch and reddish lips complete the look

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