Praising high end High Street: Jaeger

I’ve always loved the high street and did my fair share of shopping at Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, Next et all in my younger days but with time, career and a family, I had to lose some of the fashion with the need for better quality so this is where the high end high street stores came to the rescue and they’ve been my heroes for the past couple of decades at least. In particular Jaeger, Austin Reed, Pied a Terre and Bally for shoes. Jaeger especially has been fantastic with not just modern items but vintage pieces too (more about that later).

In the cut throat business that is fashion, resting on your laurels and banking on your refined customer base of the over 50s just wasn’t enough. It’s no surprise they’ve all undergone a revamp of their traditional and staid image in the last decade to survive and attract the daughters and granddaughters of those over 50s. These are classic styles some with a little twist that could work in any wardrobe. I love the sequin jacket – how timeless is that? They’ve even got their own version of the box shoulder bag. Irrisistable. They also do size UK6.


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