Nahla Aubrey-Berry

UPDATE: This is an old post I’m updating because of what’s happening with the little girl’s family.

As a person fortunate enough to live in a democracy, I think it’s all about giving a child opportunities. As a mother of 3, it makes me weep to know some people insist on labelling children and worse still when it’s their own mother about something that cannot be controlled, their genes. Surely this is unfair to everyone concerned and looking just a little into the future, how wise is this decision? Nahla is so young, she’s unable to understand intellectually and emotionally the complexities and stigma that often comes with being labelled but like all children she will be able to feel the tensions, the strains, the discomfort, the sadness and heartbreak as well as the desperate love and adoration both her parents must have for her. You cannot lie to children. Ever.

As someone who has grown up multi-religion and multi-cultural, I know the best parents can do is to keep doors open, offer all opportunities to learn and grow and leave the choices up to the child when s/he is old enough. For that is what it’s all about, having choices.

Halle must put her beloved child’s well being and best interest first and foremost and that does not include mudslinging, namecalling or the like. Have some dignity and respect for the child you created!

I never intended to add children to this blog but look at little Nahla, just look at her and with parents Halle and Gabriel, how can she be anything but exquisitely turned out? Simply adorable!

I’ve found myself ‘styling’ my eldest girl more and more recently. She is a typical girly girl and in the climate we live in, dresses generally work best. She is a ‘warm’ child so at most will layer on a light cotton cardigan. Tights annoy her as she needs to feel comfortable at all times. As the weather has cooled and school is off, I succeeded in getting her to wear some cute Burberry plain beige pants I bought her ages ago before she grows out of them. I added a polo shirt and tied a bright pink scarf around her neck – she liked it! She still hates jeans – she complains of them being uncomfortable so we’ll have to forget about them for now. But she loves ballet shoes and they are very cute on most girls except my daughter’s feet are on the broad side so they usually don’t look very good on her.

My son ends up looking either preppy – short sleeve shirt, jeans or chinos or mildly skater type – cut off sleeve tees, cargo pants.

My youngest daughter loves to dress herself and more often than not ends up looking ultra girly. She is not yet old enough to notice that her clothes are hand me downs from her big sister – I wonder how long more we can get away with it?


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