Back to Black: a capsule collection

For years and years, I wore a lot of black for work, a lot. I tried to break it up with different textures; crepe de Chine, silk satin, wool gaberdine, cotton sateen but it was all still black so when I moved on from the corporate world I decided not to buy or wear black again. Until now. During the ongoing re-appraisal of my wardrobe, I could only find one black pair of cotton capri trousers (too small) and a black wool mix day dress (too big). Oh and one black top. It was like the rest of the black clothes took offence and walked out. I don’t know where they went, admittedly things go missing with each house move and over the years things happen such as cleaning disasters or being borrowed never to be returned.

Then I discovered some old suitcases. One contained jackets I must have hoped I’d be able to wear again one day and another contained a favourite LBD by Whistles I bought as part of my honeymoon trousseau (yes, you guessed right, too small!) and a favourite pair of palazzo pants, by Whistles as well, I used to wear all the time in the evenings (it’s incredibly small in the waist). A few pencil skirts survived too and that’s about it.

So, I’ve been acquiring a capsule collection of black items with which to build up my everyday wardrobe. I’ve got trousers, LBDs, a pencil skirt and tops. Oh and a coat, can’t believe I never had a simple black coat. I should in theory be able to wear t his capsule collection in any city in the world. Wow, there’s an idea, would anyone be willing to sponsor me to test this theory out? Anyone?

From left:

Cotton straight leg with turn ups by Derek Lam are just the perfetc length and fit.

Cotton high waist skinny leg (but not that skinny) by Coming Soon, wonderfully comfy.

Merino wool sweater by Banana Republic. I already have a black twin set and short sleeve cardigan for the warmer weather to come.

Knee length coat is by Burberry.

Tank dress is by Gerard Darel and is made up of bands (rather like Herve Leger bandage dresses) with a flippy hem.

Pencil skirt is also Gerard Darel and has 2 shallow pleats at the back instead of a split.

I love these little details! Yep, all is forgiven, Black is the new….er, Black!


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