Day 5: Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – last day!

  • grey jersey wool mix top
  • black leather hobo bag
  • silk scarf
  • skinny dark wash jeans
  • very dark brown knee boots

So this is the last day and I wanted to finish the week by wearing my skinnies – just making up for lost time when I never thought I could ever wear it having shied away from anything fitted for such a long time PC (Post Children). This was my first wardrobe challenge and it taught me more than I thought it could! I deliberately steered away from choosing 5 dresses which is my usual go to solution because I wanted to work on putting together more casual looks that are reasonably smart at the same time bearing in mind the ‘limitations’ of cold weather and my petite frame.

I think the most important lesson I learnt is that my love for all things classic in cut and style, although timeless in their own right, if I wear it top to toe, can make me look even older so I must make sure to mix and match modern pieces plus add some more colours.


6 thoughts on “Day 5: Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – last day!

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you! It was fun and something I needed to do to help me to think more about what I have and making each piece work harder! Have a great weekend too!

  1. Diane

    I’d just like to thank you for these wardrobe challenge posts – I’m off to Paris early in March for a few days and I’m going to base my packing on your plan. I should be able to travel light and look smart by following your suggestions.

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Welcome and thank you for taking the time to write! I hope to plan the next challenge a bit better and really hope it works out for you. Let me know how you get on? Have a great time and bon voyage!


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