Wardrobe Spring clean plan

As the season starts to change, it’s a good time to do a basic maintenance check and as I sort through, occasionally I spot something that can come out and work in my current wardrobe again and this is a really nice bonus!


I like to organise the cleaning my winter coats before storing them away and bringing out more raincoats and jackets.  If I didn’t get to dry clean something before it was put away last Autumn then it’ll be need to be sent to the cleaners now too. Otherwise I check them over for any signs of the dreaded moth nibbles and air them out as much as I can.

Winter knits/Jackets

I’ll do the same with my heavier winter knits and jackets. However, the cashmere things stay out as they continue to be really useful in between seasons, into Spring and for cool Summer evenings.


My boots get an overhaul with a good old fashion polish and a visit to the cobblers for any repairs. I’m itching to wear the ankle boots, booties and shoe boots more now but the weather is still too unstable. Plus I’ve got to get some new lighter coloured tights [note to self: research some tights] to wear with them.


I only have a few dresses for Winter time and these will work until early Spring with different accessories  minus the thermals underneath. My favourites are a couple of jersey dresses that so comfortable and easy to wear.


Jeans will carry throughout the year but I will clean and store my heavier wool and wool mix trousers soon. I have a very light wool pair that I’ll keep out.


I don’t really wear shirts in the winter in favour of my jersies and knitwear so these will only come out soon layered over thermals vests or camisoles with cardigans and/or jackets.

Tops are long sleeves tees (stripe Breton and jewel brights), jersey and knitted tanks (cashmere or wool) for layering.


I try to rotate my bags as much as possible so will see which ones I’ve recently neglected and will give them some TLC with a clean. I always store them in a dust cover.


Sunglasses come out, YES! I love my sunnies, they are now back in my bag ready to be whipped out at any and every bright burst of sunshine.

I sort out my belts and scarves which I like to rotate as well. I will store the cashmere scarves now and bring out the silk squares and neckerchiefs.

Leather gloves are still essential for my dry hands transeason but I’ll start using my light tan pair more.

I’d like to sort through my jewellery to find some inspiration to brighten up mid season outfits as this is an area I’ve long neglected.


5 thoughts on “Wardrobe Spring clean plan

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Doesn’t help to see all these Winter looks in the Fashion Weeks! Did you manage to find a good dry cleaners where you are?

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