Italian Inspiration: Gucci

Gucci continues its love affair with colour for the Spring/ Summer into Autumn/Winter. Amazing, bold and sophisticated combinations not just of colours but materials and textures; fur, leather, silk, wools, cashmere, exotic skins and silks. You’re gonna need the furs to keep warm in those see through and slashed dresses….

The silhouette is, pure, unadulterated 70’s. And when is a dress not a dress? When it’s a pair of hotpants (thermal for Winter?), see through top and skirt!

I am loving the importance of the ‘shirt dress’ elements and the structured bags. My favourite combination of classic knit and skirt worn with scarves in jewel colours is wonderful inspiration.

And who would have thought the humble monochrome polka dot pattern could look so dramatic and sexy?


One thought on “Italian Inspiration: Gucci

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