Style Inspiration: Catherine Middleton aka HRH-In-Waiting

I always like to give credit where it’s due and whatever we may feel about one Catherine Middleton, she really has shown style and discretion (mostly) in her sartorial choices. The media attention will only intensify to fever pitch once she marries Prince William and becomes HRH.

Some say she dresses too old for her years. Well, it’s not a crime I say. Here is someone who has spent their entire 20’s being the girlfriend of someone not only extremely famous but of Royal blood. I don’t think it’s surprising she should err on the cautious side. It’s remarkable and to her credit she has evolved a style of her own and continues to wear old favourites to suit the occasion now that they’ve begun official duties together.

I think the secret is being true to herself and choosing clothes that suit her shape and personality. She may be toned and more polished now but I really hope she always keeps her naturalness. Even though assisted by stylists, she needs all the help she can get – afterall, she’s agreed to take on one of the most challenging roles in the world. Yeah, it must be love but for everyone’s sake,ย  I sure hope there’s a whole lot more besides!


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