Oscar favourites

Had a quick look and spied some lovely choices and equally some that are….not.  First these are the pale ladies. Halle Berry looks like she’s Venus floating on her very own cloud of tulle. Hilary Swank forgot her jewels maybe thinking her beaded and feathered dress would be enough. It’s not Hilary. Nicole Kidman [shaking my head] has been ill advised. The dress does not fit properly and it’s too long even for her height. She rarely nails it and I really feel sorry for her that she didn’t wear something more suited to her personality. It’s worse that she’s next to Gwyneth Paltrow who’s got that 70’s tan-maxi-sequin-hippy-hair-hip-chain-belt thing going on. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it actually suits her. Hailee Steinfeld apparently co-designed her gown and looks a sweet vision. I think comments are too harsh on Melissa Leo’s choice of yummy thick lace gown. The line is great but it looks 2 sizes too big and too long yet she still changed to flats later – flats at the Oscars?! Whatever next? Mandy Moore isn’t really wearing a dress, I agree with the Daily Mail’s description that she was sprayed with sequins. It’s such a non dress, yes, have sequins by all means but make a little effort with the rest? Click at the jump for the other ladies and my fav black outfits.

You have to admire Scarlet Johanson’s bold choice of full length purply wine lace.

Sandra Bullock is perfect in scarlet red and the very 19th century shape the corset gives her makes it just interesting enough. Natalie Portman wears a custom made dress by Rodarte who designed the costumes for ‘Black Swan’. It’s a gorgeous, rich colour and the fit is just right. Mila Kunis’ lavender chiffon and lace is stunning. The details are lovely. I think Amy Adams looks wonderful in her column of sapphire. She looks lean and the beautiful waves of her hair is a natural compliment. Jennifer Hudson shows off her svelte figure in a statement Atelier Versace gown. Fantastic!

My favourite black outfits? Stunning Camila Alves – so unexpected and I think she surprised everyone with this look. So simple yet powerful. I like Anne Hathaway in a suit best! Mind you, this is no ordinary suit, this is custom Lanvin. Here’s a lovely side view of Amy Adams. Last but not least, Dame Helen Mirren looks beautiful as always!


4 thoughts on “Oscar favourites

  1. Make Do Style

    I enjoyed the dresses this year more hit than miss although did think Nicole Kidman made a poor choice in terms of suiting her as did Michelle Williams but they weren’t that dreadful.

    1. couturecoco Post author

      We have seen a lot worse and as you say even the ones that missed the mark weren’t terrible.
      I still can’t like Cate’s dress though – looks like a giant apron bib at the front!

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment!
      A real shame they didn’t fit it to her properly – could have been lovely!


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