The Shirtdress + thrifted bag + booties

I know it’s grey again but that was the only colour! This is good old Marks & Spencer from last year and a brilliant investment buy for me. It’s from their normal range and presented as a tunic but I need to belt it. I prefer to keep it simple especially as the details are so nice already: shirt collar, steel button front, breast pockets with real flaps, side pockets and long slim sleeves with a proper cuff (that I turn up). My trusty brown belt is enough though it does go with most others. I’m carrying a thrifted Italian leather bag and wearing thrifted black suede booties.


4 thoughts on “The Shirtdress + thrifted bag + booties

    1. couturecoco Post author

      You’re too kind. I’ve a stack of ‘bloopers’ that haven’t been shown yet lol!

  1. Mrs Bossa

    God, I wish I looked as chic in a simple belted dress. You look lovely, and I like the opaques and shoeboots. Do you leave your head off for a reason? I only ask because I’ve recently gotten all brave and started including mine, with the encouragement of some truly lovely bloggers.

  2. couturecoco Post author

    Thank you very much! I really don’t want to frighten my lovely readers with unbrushed hair and a bare face!! I have to take a gazillion photos just to get a couple of decent ones to include in posts as it is so when I’ve had more practice AND if/when I become as brave as you, will do the full length photocall…..maybe 🙂


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