Home decor thoughts

Did I mention I love vintage and old furniture too? Luckily I was never able to indulge fully because I didn’t have enough space as a single girl and when I got married we had to move around due to my husband’s work. It’s so good to have a homebase finally but also really scary because I’m mostly responsible for choosing the decor and furniture for our new house. People spend years – their entire lives even – building up their home in the style of their dreams but I’m a little more impatient. I want to be finished by Christmas…. which is a natural goal, don’t you think?

Anyway I will have to see if this target is achievable so as not to disappoint the family. It will be hard to judge since we’ve decided to be as eco friendly as possible and use furniture and other pieces second hand so there’s no telling what we’ll find in advance. Anyway I’m beyond excited by this and can’t wait to share with you the journey.

I’m collecting photos for a mood board as a reference point. The style and feel I like is homey (remember my 3 kids) with a dash of shabby chic and Shaker sobriety on a light and airy backdrop but with little touches of luxe in velvet and silks.


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