Other outfits + guests

Maid of Honour, sister Pippa Middleton looked stunning in her simple and exquisitely cut fish tail gown also by Sarah Burton. It’s womanly, it’s sensuous, it’s covered up but still shows off her curves to perfection. It reveals a lot more about the generousity and self confidence of Catherine to sanction such a style. Both sisters favour blue as they know it particularly suits their warm skin tone and dark hair.

Catherine’s evening dress and day after dress both show how much thinner she is since the engagement announcement. In both cases, the dresses would best suit her when she was curvier. Let’s hope this is just a temporary thing.

In theory, Victoria Beckham had it all figured out. I do admire the stark simplicity and fluidity of the dress, even the hat. Two things let her down: her overdone eyes and the ultra exaggerated platforms.

This was not the place for high fashion. It looks completely out of place and she totally missjudged the tone of the occasion. Even if she’d worn navy cuban heels like the Queen, she would have looked better.


2 thoughts on “Other outfits + guests

    1. couturecoco Post author

      I think to be fair it couldn’t have been anything too fancy because it’s already white and the column style was a contrast the wedding dress. But yes the green was lovely!!


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