Raincoats galore!

As promised here are most of my raincoats that I’ve been hoarding:

First is a single breast Aquascutum. It’s a little too big for me though it’s the smallest size, so I won’t be able to wear it belted. It has its own detachable light wool lining. I have a vintage Burberry this style as well in beige.

Second is vintage double breast which fits closer so belts well (even though I have issues with my waist!). This is the same as another vintage Burberry which is long and has its original detachable thick wool lining. I can’t decide whether I need to shorten it a bit considering I’m petite.

Third is a beige Aquascutum that’s been featured here a couple of times already. This is cut like a Princess coat, into the waist so easier to belt in.

Fourth is a wool mix Burberry in black. It has a detachable hood which I don’t use. I love the dramatic silhouette black makes so usually only wear this if I’m dressing up during the day.

And not pictured but definately worth mentioning is an unlined short (for me!) trench by DKNY I bought in New York years ago. I have worn it to death and only now are the cuff edges fraying slightly but if this could be fixed, I’ll still wear it.


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