Chanel collection: what I learnt and beyond

I’ve fulfilled one of my longtime dreams four times over and feel very lucky. The most difficult part was deciding exactly what I wanted. I identified my preference for the pure gilt chain strap of the vintage models and not a modern black lambskin. The research part was the most fun. I thought I knew more than the basics about Chanel bags but very quickly into my research (thank you again everyone!), it was obvious my knowledge was very limited especially with vintage. So find out as much as you can from as many different sources as you can. Everyone has a slightly different slant.

The choices in the market place has never been greater from *bay worldwide to specialist vintage stores across the globe to the whole experience of going to buy in one of the Chanel Boutiques. It’s all too easy to become overwhelmed with so much out there. That’s why you need to know what you are looking for in the first place and stick with this. If you stray, the risk is that you end up compromising too much and therefore purchase something you will love less than 100%. An investment of this value has to be something you absolutely love. Ensuring authencity for pre-owned items goes without saying – the rest is pure luck!

I love the texture of the caviar leather and the plain style of the shopper (top). The main reason for not choosing black lambskin is that it is so very popular. I felt really lucky to find the dark brown in such good condition. It is only the 10″ size (Medium) and perfect for me. I didn’t hope to find a vintage one next. It was completely unexpected. But here she is. She was re-discovered in a Grandmother’s closet by her Grandson after her passing.

She’s not in perfect condition but I don’t mind at all. The strap is the perfect length for me single and double. Her lining is red silk faille. I love her so much! You can imagine my amazement when another turns up in black but a later model in almost mint condition! The size is a little bigger than the navy and the straps are longer which means it’s a good length doubled but not single for me. The lining is bordeaux lambskin.

So am I looking for another one? You bet I am! The next one will be a colour and probably a reissue model. The classic red is beautiful and it looks amazing but it was never my colour. I’m thinking of coral from the red spectrum or maybe a purple or lilac from the blue spectrum. Whichever I decide on, I know I’ll want the experience of choosing and buying in person from rue Cambon, Paris. So it’ll be a  l o n g  w h i l e yet, OK?


6 thoughts on “Chanel collection: what I learnt and beyond

  1. Pearl Westwood

    I said the same thing to myself, the next one will be from Paris and in beige maybe a shopper actually or at least a larger size and certainly not for a while yet. I do like to have something to dream about though x

    1. couturecoco Post author

      I decided against the beige or taupe because my closet is all neutrals anyway. Might go for a wallet on a chain style again with silver/graphite hardware. Yeah gotta have dreams!

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