Closet Audit: a question of (re) balance

Excuse the mess but I am trying to clear out! These are just some of my clothing and accessories collection. A double closet of things I know I don’t want to keep with a another rail behind it of things to keep. Plus two more double wardrobes with bags/clutches on the top and bottom shelves. Plus there are Winter coats (packed away), cardis, tees, sweaters, jeans, scarves and jewellery in drawers. And last but not least, the shoes and boots……

Over 25 years this took, it’s not an overnight splurge! I aim to at least halve it but really want to whittle it down to what I actually wear and what I want to keep for my girls for the future. I’m going to be quite systematic and work through each section at a time but this is still only the first round. I’ve divided the sections as follows:

Dressses: LBD, Everyday and Special Occasion

Jackets: Vintage, Blazer, Suit, Knit, Leather

Trousers: Tailored, Casual, Jeans

Skirts: Tailored, Summer, Evening


Coats: Wool, Trenches

Boots: Tall and Ankle

Shoes: Flats, Everyday, Special Occasion

Bags, Belts, Scarves and other accessories


4 thoughts on “Closet Audit: a question of (re) balance

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you but no really, most of it I don’t or can’t wear so really a waste of space.

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thanks! I’ve become a bit of a neat freak in recent years because I couldn’t stand to lose things or have things ruined by being crushed. The bags are a lot tidier now – before I had them stored across different rooms.


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