Charity shop finds

I hit the charity shops in my High Street today and was very pleased with my finds even though it was a fairly quick look in only 3 shops. A Delia Smith “How to Cook” book (£1.50), an Italian made leather photo album (£3), a Living Earth book for the kids (£1.75), a set of 5 wine glasses – crystal I think (£1.50), a set of 6 Italian crystal unused wine glasses (£3.50) and a small crystal vase (£2).

I have fond memories of watching Delia Smith on TV with my Mum and I really need to get back to basics with home cooking because I’m trying to cut out processed foods for my family as much as possible. Also because this book starts with the basics, I plan to use it to help me teach Tween how to cook. She’s really, really keen to learn and I was able to cook some very simple snacks when I was her age.

The leather photo album is an unusual find as it has a really authentic vintage style to it. I plan to put in a set of the most memorable photos of the past couple of years.

The Living Earth book has the most amazing colour pictures so I just had to have it to add to the reference collection for the kids.

I am nuts about crystal glasses and really happy to find them because we didn’t have any that survived the multiple house moves over the years. Especially pleased to find the unused Italian set still with the stickers on! And last but not least, a small crystal vase that’s heavy for its size. I love the intricate design, even the base is cut in a flower shape. I used to have a favourite glass vase by Vileroy & Boch this size in the most beautiful shade of jade but, you guessed, it got broken. I bought it from a Villeroy & Boch shop abroad years ago so doubt if I’ll ever find it again.


4 thoughts on “Charity shop finds

  1. mystyle

    Hi there-lovely find, the glasses are just great! Good luck on the closet audit, I wish I’d kept pieces from 25 years back, I suppose thats why I’m more into 80s and 90s now!!

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you! I know I’ll never find treasures as often as you though 🙂 I do just love looking through all the old bric a brac

  2. Fab At Any Age

    Love Delia. She was my first cookbook ever and I still make loads of things as per her recipes, I had the complete cook book which was rather large and sadly fell apart! I love my Jamie 30 minute meals one aswell, I did have a Nigella but no idea where that is and I won a Tana Ramsey in a blog giveaway which is quite good.

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Would be great if I ever found the second part to complete this set. She’s got photos from her garden and srurounding area where she lives – so beautiful.


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