Proportion: what a difference a few cms make!

I bought this LBD last year in the sale from Jaeger online. This is the first outing because I thought it was too short for me but it’s fine! I feel it gives me a much better proportion than the length of the Little Navy Dress on the left (also from Jaeger). I just have to remember not to pull in the ribbon ties too much because then it really will be too short….All photos by Tween, my budding Photographer. Before, it’s been Sweetie who took most of the photos but she’ll be at school from next week so I’ll have to set up something myself lol!

I adore this style of dress because it is so comfortable yet looks smart enough to go anywhere. The elbow length sleeves simply add to its versatility. This is Jaeger Boutique so not very ‘Little Old Lady’ yet. Note the slightly snug fit across the shoulders, that’s my broad shoulders, not the dress! Luckily it’s jersey so gives.

I am obssessed with details such as the shirt collar, double rows of navy stitching and the grosgrain ribbon to lift the black. I love navy and black together. The shoes are buff suede I picked up in a charity shop nearly 20 years ago. They have the perfect cuban heels and open side detail. This is my second change of dress today because I originally had on a sleeveless cotton dress then decided it was too cold afterall. Such is the weather nowadays. It’s cooled down even more so may have to change yet again for going out to dinner.

This is the photo from the website:


7 thoughts on “Proportion: what a difference a few cms make!

  1. Stylepint

    I like the second dress, there’s an relaxed ease to it that makes it seem more youthful. But I think both are great staples and it’s nice to see more of your outfits. =)

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you! I had a gap of a few years of not being able to wear anything jersey because of post kids ‘curves’ so I’m re-discovering the comfort of jersey again. I still prefer it to be more tailored though as it suits me best.

  2. PetiteAsianGirl

    We must have a different preference of length because I think the drawstring dress is definitely not too short on you : ) Even if it were hiked up an inch (if you tightened the drawstring) I still think it would look wonderful. Conservative, classic, yet effortlessly casual. I like the addition of the pearls (very coco, hehe).

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thanks for your input! I’m just getting used to showing my knees lol! Overall I am working on injecting some modernity to my classic look which I gravitate/am addicted to. I’m even retiring some of my dresses that are too classic in my mission to re-defining and update my look.

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