Essential Summer shoes

I have bittersweet memories as a kid regarding Summer shoes. I’ve always had wide feet which meant sourcing shoes was rather difficult, limited to single shop in fact, Clarks. This brand is undergoing something of a renaissance because some very high profile fashionistas have been seen wearing their designs. Back to my childhood Summers which meant plain old ‘Jesus’ sandals in brown or navy – those were the choices. That’s it.

Once, once I was able to choose some brown leather wedges! You can’t imagine my joy. However, it was very shortlived because they literally fell apart after only a few days. Needless to say my mother took it personally, marched me back to Clarks and almost threw the offending wedges at the sales girls. My siblings soon followed with even wider feet and it was such a small and sleepy town, they simply couldn’t afford to lose our custom when the majority of the inhabitants shopped elsewhere.

I’ve worked out a list of 6 basic shapes and styles that would work for me considering things such as the fact that I’m a full time pedestrian now so no more relying on the car to get me 99.9% of the way and teetering to my destination the last 10 feet! The heel index for me is up to 3″ and no platforms. I have a general aversion to platforms mainly in that the temptation is to go sky high but on a petite frame this looks so out of proportion that it *can* verge on the comical.

Photos: Pretty Small Shoes


2 thoughts on “Essential Summer shoes

  1. mystyle

    Hi there-lovely picks, I too really like wedges and have a few summer sandals in the styles above! Love your online haul of dresses, very smart and chic! xx


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