Best Little Black Dress & first Boyfriend Jacket

These are by Theory from The Outnet (for me this is like an errant, bad boy lover who you know you must leave forever but you keep going back to? Did you ever have one of those relationships?). The LBD just jumped out at me and I double checked the measurements as well and as quickly as I could and ordered it right there and then. It’s mostly wool, has pleats at the back and front skirt, side pockets plus includes the leather belt.

The jacket was something I had been stalking but anything near my size was gone already. I looked at it to keep the photo for reference and noticed my size was in. Well actually it’s a size larger than I normally take but again, I scrutinised the measurements and went for it!

The dress fit perfectly but I do need to take up the shoulders a bit (this is standard procedure for petite me) and add an extra hole in the belt. The hem hits right above my knees and feels DIVINE.

I pulled on the jacket – you know that crisp, clean feeling you get when you slip your arm into something tailored? I just love that. This happened to me when I put on my wedding dress and with all my vintage tailored pieces. It fits! Lemme just back up a bit and tell you that I have always liked this boyfriend jacket trend and longed to be able to make it my own but you see these big shoulders of mine? Yup, all genetic I’m afraid and nothing at all to do with swimming or archery or shot putting. I spent half my fashion life trying to find unpadded shoulders (really fun during the 80’s) so I didn’t look like a trainy weight lifter. This jacket has narrow padded shoulders and slim, slim sleeves a la Chanel! It’s also 100% wool. And it’s grey (if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time  you’ll know I am THE grey woman). I belted the jacket over the dress. YES WORKS! I left it undone. YES WORKS!

In short I got so lucky with these 2 pieces! I will do some outfit pics as soon as I can.


2 thoughts on “Best Little Black Dress & first Boyfriend Jacket

  1. rachel

    I’m new to blogging and come across your blog through BritMums. Loving your work… the wardrobe essentials is exactly what i’ve been thinking and you’ve put it so well and clear!
    loooking forward to reading more posts now i am a couturecoco follower.
    Take care

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thanks very much Rachel! It’s very much a work in progress still and just off to tweak my About page now. Appreciate all your encouragement!


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