Petite Style Challenge #8 Spinning the favourite

I missed the last challenge due to moving house so I’m really keen to participate in this one. The original brief is below and after that, my effort…..

The challenge is hosted by Radiator Sessions :

Challenge: “Spinning The Favorite”
Many times we settle with a style and rarely venture out to explore new ways to piece clothes and style outfits in new and different ways. With this month, I’m hoping for all of us to venture out of our comfort zones to expand our styling skills.
Thus, the challenge will be to take a “go-to” outfit, put a spin on it by styling it in a different way but still keeping a couple of essential components.
If changing up the your signature style is too great of a feat or if your closet just doesn’t quite allow it, you can keep within your signature style but tweak a few items to transform your outfit for a different occasion.”
I am a Classic dresser through and through but decided I had to modernise my closet as much as I could. Relying on my classic pieces just isn’t enough anymore, in other words I needed to re-define my own style so this challenge is very timely! You know, I still didn’t have a clear idea of what I was going to wear so after a frenzied 15 minutes came up with this:
Pretty normal, you think? Well this is my normal go to look:
Or this
I’ve always liked ultra simple things and feel easily cluttered with jewellery and accessories so my basic pieces really have to do the talking. One of my “go to” looks is a classic dress in a natural fabric according to the season, heels depending on the occasion and classic bag with my pearls and off I go! I knew I needed to raise my hemline to improve my proportion and modernise my accessories.
My outfit I’ve chosen at the top:
*a grey wool Banana Republic pencil skirt (online sale) – I couldn’t believe how well this skirt fit me and how it gives me curves I really don’t have, it’s my Miracle Skirt!
*vintage python skinny belt – I adore exotic skin and have many bag and belt items. This helps to lift the grey which happens to be one of my favourite colours and a closet staple.
* the silk georgette blouse is another recent sale score, Jaeger which is a very old British high street label that’s rejuvenated itself in recent times. I cannot tell you how much I love this blouse. I have been looking for the right fit and quality for so long. I think it’s more versatile not to have the pussy cat bow tie that’s been the trend recently (not that I follow trends you understand!).
*the clutch by Tanner Krolle, a British leather goods label,  is really a toiletries bag but much too good to sit in my bathroom so I use it as a clutch.
*ankle boots are by Patrizia Pepe that I’ve had for ages and loved to look at but never actually wore out. It’s beautifully made and has a zip plus 2 buckles.
The only thing missing is a skinny little leather jacket (see my previous post ‘My Summer Loving List) which I think would just finish off my outfit perfectly thrown over the shoulders?

17 thoughts on “Petite Style Challenge #8 Spinning the favourite

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you! You know, I adore your blouse, by Madewell that you wear a lot – it’s so easy and flattering. I’m really happy to find one of my own. I forgot to turn the cuff up though :-/

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you! It’s going to be worn a lot and the brand is bring out one with a small shirt collar in August so will be watching out for it in the next sale 🙂

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you! I’m psyching myself up for the 30 for 30 challenge from July 1st – yikes – that’s going to be tough but worth it at the end I hope. Actually the belt doesn’t look skinny on me at all, normal width – cos I’m so short!

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you! Normally pencils don’t work for me as they gape at the back really badly but this one was a lucky find, missed out on the black version though :-/

  1. Gracie

    You definitely did an update on your classic giving it the modern feel. For me, I think what’s giving it the modern feel maybe be your booties. I think they’re adorable and adds a hint of trendiness. I love the soft texture of the blouse as well. So feminine but still very modern as others mentioned.

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you for hosting and your support! It was hard but hopefully will come easier to me the more I practise 🙂

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you! I had got stuck in a classic rut so trying to get out and hopefully continuing to be inspired by others in the petite community.

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