Favs this week: colours, whites and legs – lots of leg!

Taking a welcome break from the Sales brouhaha…to review some looks that caught my eye this week:

I adore this colour blocking outfit on Jada Pinkett-Smith. Flawless except she’s a petite which makes her bag look like a suitcase. See, this is what I mean about not liking oversized bags on petites – sometimes it looks like you’re carrying luggage when you’re not going anywhere.

Heidi looks beautiful in this drape of blue. I don’t always like her ‘Red Carpet’ efforts but this looks easy with maximum impact.

Nicole has a body to die for and shows it off perfectly in this thigh skimming dress. I’m not a fan of micro dresses AND plunge but this is definitely interesting enough in the pleating and drape plus she’s kept her accessories in neutral colours.

This is part of the new Classic collection from Phoebe Philo for Celine. I think she’s definitely breaking new ground in colour, proportion and cut.

At first I thought, urgh too short but then the more I look at it, the more I like! The thigh high hem and plunging neckline are balanced by the severe tailoring, long sleeves and the double breast.

I can’t get over how beautiful this woman looks in the purity and simplicity of her white maxi dress cinched in with a tan belt. The dress has a slight sheen and she shows it off perfectly.

And so we come to the LEGS! Oh just to be able fling on a Chanel jacket as easily as this and to look so good in skinny jeans and heels as skinny and sky high…legs can never be too long, right?

I love the 70’s so much and Rosie looks superb here on her film promo tour.

Rosie again in Gucci (I blog-raved about this collection here). Breathtaking Summer look. Notice the ultra skinny belt and the perfect layers in her top.


2 thoughts on “Favs this week: colours, whites and legs – lots of leg!

  1. Fab At Any Age

    Jada looks like Funda from Made In Chelsea! Cams shoes are vile, i am so not a fan of pointed stilletto’s it just looks like she is trying to hard, a 4 inch wedge would have looked far better.


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