Royal Duties: Catherine and Charlene

A tour of Canada for the newest Mr and Mrs Wales, AKA The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine:

I love the all navy outfit of Smythe (who?) blazer, Roland Mouret dress and navy accessories. to board their flight.

The famous and ever photogenic Reiss ruffle dress making another appearance. I thought red shoes were a little twee but then the interesting little clutch was good enough to distract. Her other outfits can be summed up in 2 words – shift dresses so I won’t send you to sleep showing them here. There better be some WOW outfits when they get to Hollywood.

S. A. S. Princess Charlene (nee Wittstock) of Monaco on her (second wedding) day. The dress, by Armani, is made up of embellished 2 full length pieces of silk cut on the bias and sewn together in the middle. There are darts at the waist to give more shape and the top is folded cross over off the shoulder band that is repeated at the back from which the high long train falls.

The veil is really beautiful, barely there yet has a crispness which contrasts really well with the structure of the silk dress. She has the height to carry off so much veil but its sheerness keeps it looking light as gossamer. I was a little surprised she didn’t wear a tiara and opted for a diamond encrusted piece to secure her low chignon. Even her ears are bare.

I think this will be my enduring image of the occasion. In all the photos I’ve seen of Charlene, she has that far away look in her eyes, as if she’s thinking of something else and not in the present. If recent rumours are true, now we know why. I wonder exactly what was going through her mind at this moment. What have you done Charlene?


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