My brain feels like mush – ok, well mushier than usual of late. I put the blame squarely on the recent sales frenzy. I mean, in the old days – indulge me here – age before beauty – there were the newspaper and more genteel glossy magazine adverts about forthcoming sales. Harrods would do their tv ads using their tried and trusted by line year after year. And off I went armed to teeth to battle it out in London’s West End. Yeah, those were the days…..

Since my entry into the WWW. And specifically the BLOGOSPHERE and TWITTERVERSE the sales information has surpassed OBSCENE amounts. Practically impossible to ignore. Indulgence and overindulgence galore at the mere finger click of the humble mouse. No really, is it fair to bombard someone to distraction who has a VERY IMPORTANT DREAM WISH LIST to work on? I’m on the verge of being over half way there! Very nearly 3 out of 5!

So that’s it now, I declare the Sales finally over, at least in my neck of the WWW.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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