Summer Greens

Going through my closet, I realised there’s hardly any green at all which is puzzling considering how much I love many shades of the colour; forest green, pistacio, jade, emerald and even the yellowy Chartreuse green. Here are the only 2 items that exist:

This knitted French rayon shirt is an original from the 60’s and belonged to my mother.  It’s one of my treasured vintage items and I also wear it with white capri trousers and linen palazzo pants. The Summer has been been so disappointing, I haven’t been able to wear it much at all this year.

I’ve had the white linen skirt (Zara) for years and it’s a left over from the time I was a size ‘L’ after baby #3. Now, I just wear it below my natural waist. It’s one of my go to outfits for casual Summer lunches. If I’m walking a lot, then I just change into lower shoes.

I don’t know what I’ll do when these beloved Jimmy Choo slingbacks finally retire…

Then, I came across a leather corset belt in lime green and is a new favourite! It’s by Celine and has lacing and little silver coloured balls at the ends. It’s perfect to add a little colour and interest to my white linen shirt dress – so I don’t look totally like a Nurse! I’ve worn it with the Zara skirt and wish I had it black too. I just love my nubuck hobo by Coach because it goes with everything but especially because white + tan = Summer to me.


6 thoughts on “Summer Greens

  1. mystyle

    Hi my dear-hope you’ve been well, I love your summer outfits here, so classy and stylish. the green Celine belt looks gorgeous and I love your vintage top from your mum, it really looks lovely! have a great summer xxx

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you Sharon! I knew you’d love the top being such a knowledgeable and practised vintage lover. I have a teal cardigan of hers too which I’m going to wear with a fuschia pink dress, sounds weird but I’m so curious to see how it looks.

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