Closet audit: less is more and new additions

It’s only a little better than the original state. I still need to weed out a lot more stuff from it. From left, Vintage jackets, a couple of evening jackets and skirts, leather jackets, Summer linen suit, Summer dresses, LBDs and Winter dresses. On the top shelf, a few boots and on the bottom shelf  bags, half of which I no longer use.

I like to organise my closet like this so that the items I use most often during a season are in the middle and less frequently used items are at either side. After the Summer, I’ll be dusting off the boots and in their place store the sandals. Soon all the Summer weight clothes will be stored away and only a very few Winter pieces joining. Everything should be hung on wooden and padded hangers so need to make a lot more space!

From left, my collection of belts, trousers (too many as I am guilty of repeat buying!), shirts, blouses, tops, skirts and jacket. I tend to wear skirts more so they are in the middle next to the blouses, shirts and tops. Top shelf has my larger totes and a couple of bags of vintage and charity shop find dooly bags for my girls to play to use so I can move those to Tween’s room. The bottom shelf has the rest of my medium size and clutch bags that I need to whittle down a lot. Generally I dislike keeping my footwear inside my wardrobe even in boxes, so the rest of my shoes are stored in boxes on a tall shelf and in a cupboard in the hallway.

A few new additions: black pure wool trousers (Carven) with turn ups (I love turn ups!), pure silk navy blouse (A.P.C. – only have one other dark colour blouse), wellies (Tory Burch), chambray shirt (Gap Men – great quality), short trench (Burberry – a perfect fit even the sleeves!) and a peach blush peasant blouse (Zara), beige V neck jumper (Zara Boys) and a pure wool pleated dress (Cacharel).


2 thoughts on “Closet audit: less is more and new additions

  1. Stylepint

    Wow! Your closet is so compact and neat…love the new additions! I’m still working on streamlining my closet and filling in the “holes.” But after this bout of spending, I think I’m good for the next couple of years. *crosses fingers*

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you. I don’t have any ‘holes’ anymore – just want to be able to get rid of so much!


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