Summer casual: Hermès and Boy’s sweater

(Excuse the laundry backdrop lol! And I know, I really should find a better background having dark hair but there it is).

My casual dressing practise consists of a caramel pure cotton sweater from Zara Boys’ new collection (age 11-12 yrs – really!). It’s such a nice weight and so well made – I tell you the boy’s/men’s stuff is always better made than the women’s! Actually it’s too big so I’m having to exchange it. I really like that the V is quite high and at just over £10 full price, how can you go wrong on a budget?

My burnt orange Coccinelle bag happens to match my Hermès H belt (reversible to black). I love this belt so much because of its beautiful quality and timeless design – 2 belts in one – brilliant for travelling light. This one is a larger size than normal because I wanted to wear it low with jeans. I have another one which is smaller to wear on the waist. I hate to have to make extra holes or generally interfere with my clothes and accessories.

As I easily feel the cold, on a breezy day like this, I’m already layering with a tee underneath! I will add a silk square or pashmina with a jacket or trench as the colder months approach.


7 thoughts on “Summer casual: Hermès and Boy’s sweater

  1. tinymum

    Hey brilliant idea on buying sweaters at a boys department! Just add a long sleeved underneath it too, makes a perfect outfit for cooler weather!

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you! That’s why I HAD to have 2, the other has a palladium buckle and also reversible = 8 belts in 2…:-)

  2. Fab At Any Age

    Totally loving the belt! Strangely enough my husband was hounded to buy a fake one on holiday, got the guy down to 10 euros but then said he just wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing something fake!

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